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TVLine Items: 'Lost' Lost Scene Revealed, NCIS Nabs Lily Tomlin, Plus a Vampire Diaries Tease

Lost bosses Carlton Cuse (arriving in full Imperial Stormtrooper regalia) and Damon Lindelof served up quite a treat at Entertainment Weekly‘s “Totally Lost: One Year Later” San Diego Comic-Con event on Friday. After some to-and-fro over whether to let some “never seen” Lost footage see the light of day, the duo agreed to show the crowd an edit of the Season 1 finale that they didn’t use, for fear that it revealed too much about how the series would eventually end.

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Featuring cameos by Jacob and the Man in Black, the clip can be seen here:

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* NCIS has enlisted Lily “One ringy-dingy” Tomlin to play McGee’s grandmother, Penelope, during an episode of Season 9, which opens Sept. 20. “[D]on’t let the word grandmother fool you,” show boss Gary Glasberg told EW.com. “Penelope is sharp as a tack and we’re about to learn some things about McGee’s family that have never been revealed.”

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* The CW has released this Season 3 teaser promo for The Vampire Diaries. Though merely an assembly of old clips, it still may get your blood pumping — which Damon kinda likes. (Stay tuned to TVLine today, for much more Vampire Diaries scoop from Comic-Con!)

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* Donny Osmond has been tapped to host Secret Fortune, a game show pilot for CBS, per The Hollywood Reporter. The concept sounds a little Deal or No Deal-like, though instead of suitcases the players puzzle over 24 envelopes containing wide-ranging sums of moolah.

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