Nikita @ Comic-Con: Chicks Brawling, 'Mikita' Running, and Fierce Amanda Playing Top Dog

TVLine’s very own Megan Masters moderated the Nikita panel at Comic-Con, and she wasted no time cutting straight to the scoop. (Yes, there’s something for you, Mikita fans.) So let’s get to what’s ahead for Season 2 (premiering Friday, Sept. 23), which will not be short on twists and turns. “The jaw-dropping is our stock and trade,” said creator Craig Silverstein.

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The panel kicked off with a sneak preview of the new season, featuring footage of our titular heroine –- no surprise here –- kicking ass in a tight black outfit. But don’t worry for Nikita’s safety. Michael comes to her aid on a motorcycle. The two will be on the run next season with one of those little black boxes chock full of intel on baddies that the dynamic duo — and even Alex — will go up against.

But the biggest nemesis for Nikita may her former protege Alex, who’s hot on Nikita’s trail in the teaser trailer. “We’re going to see an Alex and Nikita fight early on [in Season 2], which we really haven’t seen before,” revealed Silverstein. Although the matchup is “very emotionally driven,” Maggie Q did mention hurling her costar Lyndsy Fonseca against a car, and finding herself plenty sore herself the morning after the scene was shot. And it won’t get any easier for Nikita and Alex, who will go on a “super rocky” journey this season, hinted Silverstein. “Just like last season, it ends in a place totally different from where it begins,” he said.

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Home will be a big theme throughout the year. “We’ve talked about the idea that every character is searching for home in their own way,” said Silverstein. “Alex is trying to get back to the home that was due to her. Nikita is trying to find a home that she never had. Percy is trying to get back to home.”

Now that Michael has joined Nikita on the road to right wrongs, look for him to wear fewer suits, even though Maggie Q thinks Shane West looks “hot” in them. It’s “t-shirts and a whole lot of Members Only jackets” for the pair, joked the actress.

Alex will have her hands full with a potential new love interest, but for now, “Alex hates him so much,” said Fonseca. The No. 1 priority on Alex’s list, however, remains Nikita, and she’ll use whatever means necessary to get to her, including her precarious ties to Division. “[Alex] has a relationship with Division, but she does not work for them,” she explained. “She needs them to get what she wants.” Added Silverstein: “It could go bad at any time.”

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Amanda’s new top position at Division will result in some new power dynamics within the organization, teased Silverstein. But the new job is “tough for her,” he continued, thanks to a new guy from Oversight named Sean. “She kind of resents that. She’s trying to clean up Percy’s mess. She’s trying to turn Division into a more principled place. But I think as we all know, Amanda is a hundred times more scary than Percy.” Meanwhile, “Percy has been banished to probably the coolest set we’ve built yet,” Silverstein said. “Percy had taken a fall, and he’s plotting his revenge.”

Owen will return in Episode 2. “[Owen is] going to be trying to get healthy,” said Silverstein. “He’s being funded by a mysterious source.” But don’t look for him to stir up a love triangle with Nikita and Michael. “She’s chosen Michael,” reassured Silverstein. Other personalities to look out for in Season 2: Ryan, Berkoff (whose storyline Fonseca was very excited about), and maybe even Alex’s mother. Indeed, when Fonseca expressed curiosity about her character uncovering the identity of mommie dearest, our gal Masters asked Silverstein if that’s something we’ll find out this season. “Maybe,” he replied cryptically. We’ll also get more glimpses of “street Nikita” and Nikita and Michael training sessions in pre-Division and early Division flashbacks, respectively.