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Meet Community's 'Very Intense' New Professor: Michael Kenneth Williams

Community‘s Greendale College has made its latest hire, and he comes with some serious cred. Michael Kenneth Williams, who is known to TV fans from his run as The Wire‘s Omar and currently plays Boardwalk Empire‘s Chalky White, will use his free time away from the HBO drama to recur as an ex-con who will be teaching Biology to Jeff, Britta et al.

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Previewing the Greendale newcomer‘s arrival, Community boss Dan Harmon told TVGuide.com, “We’ve had all these crazy teacher characters [who are] so dedicated to their profession that they’re kind of nuts or they’re off the deep end. So, the next logical place to go on that playing field is a deeply intense character.”

Williams’ prof is thus “going to be very dignified guy in a way that has no presentation to it,” Harmon said. “He’s not trying to prove anything. He’s just a very intense person.”

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