Community @ Comic-Con: Who's Shacking Up? Will Jeff Graduate? Will Glee Ever Get Its Due?

Community creator Dan Harmon is keeping an optimistic attitude when it comes to the acclaimed and beloved NBC comedy’s latest Emmy snub. “I want an Emmy,” he said during the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel discussion on Saturday. “We’ll get one eventually.”

In the meantime, he is relieved another show is getting its share of Emmy love. “I’m just glad Glee finally got some recognition,” he joked. “It’s hard to be that show….. They’re out there in the wilderness.”

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So, what does Community have on its syllabus for Season 3?

New Riffs, New Faces | Another “exciting and fun” Halloween adventure is on its way next season, teased Harmon. Also on tap: a special season premiere, an episode involving multiple timelines, Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire) as the gang’s new biology teacher – “I want to add layer of intensity,”  Harmon said of the casting – more of newly promoted series regular Jim Roush as Dean Pelton, and an empowered Chang. “I always wanted to see what if Gollum did get the ring and kept it,” explained Harmon.

Bromantic Complications? | Season 3 will find Abed and Troy taking their bromance to the next level by moving in together. But could the move cause some friction? “It takes a lot when you move in in a relationship,” said Glover.

Jeff, Now Even More Exposed | On the romantic front, is there something still going on with Jeff and Britta when Season 3 picks up? “Just like some hand stuff,” joked Joel McHale, adding, “I think Jeff had crises [last season]. I think he became pretty desperate sexually. … Now I think you’re seeing more of Jeff. He’s not just a cocky guy who’s great at everything — which he is.”

Pierce-ing Questions | The status of the study group’s oldest member question will be explored, as previously reported by TVLine. “People had said that Pierce got maybe so dark, they wondered why anyone would hang out with him,” said Harmon. “We’re going to address that now. By the time we’re done, you’re going to know why you’d hang out with Pierce.” For his part, Chevy Chase concurred that Pierce “went too far” with his belligerent behavior last season.

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Out and About | The comedy will continue to go off-campus, because “as the show progresses, we need to learn more about [the characters],” explained Harmon. We may even meet new family members. “We need to before Season 4, because what if we want the show to go on forever?” Harmon posed.

On the Five-Year Plan? | What about beyond Season 4? Will the study group graduate? “All I know is that there is a four-year story that we promised in the pilot,” he replied. And whatever happens, Jeff will either get his degree… or not. “We need the show to last forever, but we need to respect it,” Harmon noted.

For those who can’t wait until Thursday, Sept. 22, for fresh Community fun, the show’s Season 2 DVD release (on Sept. 6) will feature lots of bonus goodies: commentary on every episode, deleted scenes, a featurette for the Christmas and paintball episodes, cast evaluations, and a gag reel on each of four discs.

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