Big Bang Theory @ Comic-Con: Emmy Rivalries, Penny-Raj Aftermath, and Sheldon Sexytimes?

Riding high from its first-ever nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series, The Big Bang Theory rolled into Comic-Con today with a panel discussion that provided scoop about a resolution to the Penny-Raj hookup, the evolving (and perhaps kinky) relationship between Sheldon and Amy, and the possibility of a brewing rivalry between Best Actor in a Comedy nominees Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki. Read on for the whole sheBang!

Finale Follow-Up | As Executive Producer Bill Prady coyly puts it, “There will be a resolution” to that wonky finale hookup between Penny and Raj. “We think whichever way you came down on what happened, you’ll be happy with how it works out. ”

Guest-Star Scoop | “Sara Gilbert’s not available to us because she’s on CBS’ The Talk,” divulged Prady. In other words, don’t look for her Leslie Winkle to be back in Season 5 — though such things are often subject to change. As for who the cast would like to see on BBT again, Parsons is pulling for Barry Kripke (played by John Ross Bowie). “There’s an odd friendship there,” he says. “If he ever comes back, of course.”

Emmy, Schmemmy | Come September, Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons will battle it out in the Lead Actor in a Comedy category. So is there any behind-the-scenes competition between the two? “Oh always,” deadpanned Galecki. “Since day 1.” Serious answer: No way.

Boo-zare | The abundantly loveable Kaley Cuoco was — gasp! — booed during the BBT panel, prompting Prady to ask, “Did we just get booed at Comic-Con?!” Don’t worry, it was all in good fun. Just a little issue of Cuoco not knowing something scientific about time and space relativity. I mean, seriously, how dare she?!

Senorita Science | Dr. Mayim Bialik admitted that she’d “never watched Big Bang Theory” when she initially auditioned, but we forgive her because: “I Googled Jim Parsons the night before the audition, and I did my best impression of him. I guess it was good enough!” Added bonus: Having an actual Ph.D. in neuroscience, Bialik doubles as a dictionary for her fellow castmembers. “I don’t know if I consult,” she says modestly. But Parsons would beg to differ: “I still don’t know what Sheldon is talking about most of the time. That’s what Mayim’s good for these days.”

Too Nerdy to Type | In all honesty, I have no idea what this means, but it garnered quite the audience reactione: Regarding when/if Sheldon will ever achieve “pon farr”, Prady laughed, “Sheldon seems singularly devoted to science. Only time with tell, but if he’s Vulcan, it’s biological.” Does that make sense? Trekkies? Anyone?

Best Line Ever | In response to a question from a U.S. solider, Parsons said, “Thank you for serving our country — Bazinga!”

Fun Fact | Galecki revealed, “20 years ago, my first screen kiss was with Mayim.” While we’re on that subject…

“Sexy” Farrah Fowler | Bialik’s Amy is kinda kinky, right? Well, explains Prady, “Sheldon missed out on a lot growing up and he doesn’t care, while Amy missed out on a lot growing up, and she wants it. So the main difference between the two is that Amy is game — she wants to have some of the experiences she didn’t have.” Teased EP Chuck Lorre of her seemingly erotic nature, “Mayim is a very sexual actress. She’s a dirty, dirty girl, and as writers we try to write to the strengths of the actors. Full-frontal nudity this year!”

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