Ringer @ Comic-Con: Sarah Michelle Gellar Slays Us, Plus the Hot New Promo!

The CW’s buzzy new Ringer held court at the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, with series lead Sarah Michelle Gellar taking full advantage of the Buffy-adoring crowd before her. Here’s a taste of what the actress — who tackles dual (or is it five?) roles in the freshman thriller — and her cast mates shared.

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Buffy, Schmuffy | Though producers promise that there is no supernatural aspect whatsoever to Ringer, Gellar will still be taking names and kicking ass — even more so than Miss Summers got to! “I got a gun [in the Ringer pilot] and Buffy never got to shoot a gun,” she laughed. “But yesterday I had a skillsaw and that thing I did not like. I never want to use that thing again. Ever.”

Home Sweet Home | When Gellar discovered her new series had been moved from CBS to The CW, her reaction was, “Oh my god” — and in a good way. “My experience over there [during Buffy, then as WB/UPN] was really incredible and supportive — you can take more risks as at The CW. It gives us the opportunity to find ourselves as well.”

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Mystery Theater | Executive producer Eric Charmelo promises to “live and die by [the] twists and turns and secrets” of Ringer. “One [of the twin sisters, Bridget and Siobhan] is driven by redemption; one is driven by revenge. You won’t know who’s the femme fatale and who’s the mark. We love delving into the realm of moral ambiguity. There are things we allude to that cause a huge riff between sisters. It all plays into mythos of that and it’s something we’ll unravel over the season in flashbacks. EP Nicole Snyder adds, “We will give you some answers [each week], we’ll leave you on a pop, and when you think you know what’s happening, you’ll be shocked.”

Love Unexpected | Kristoffer Polaha (who, fun fact, was up against Marc Blucas for the role of Riley on Buffy) says that one of the things that drew him to the role of Siobhan’s secret suitor is that he is “completely different” than Life Unexpected‘s “man-child, Baze.” He also said that although his character Henry is a philanderer, it’s a “true love” between him and Siobhan.

Un-Hatched | Nestor Carbonell’s FBI agent character is presumably on the right side of the law, but he says, “So far I haven’t gotten much of a glimpse of his personal life. I hear they’ll be some nasty twists, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Fantastic fact | Ioan Gruffudd didn’t know what The CW was when Ringer was swapped over from CBS.

Buffy Reunion Ahead? | When asked if we might see a Sunnydale alum or two in the twisted world of Ringer, Gellar joked: “Michelle Trachtenberg’s been angling for a role. She’s hanging around an awful lot.” (Paging Georgina Sparks Dawn Summers!) In all seriousness, the EPs say that for now, the are thrilled with the cast they have.

Quintuplet Treat | Per Gellar, fans can look forward to seeing her play not one, not two, but five different characters. “There’s Bridget and Siobhan in the present; Bridget and Siobhan in the past; and ‘Siobette'” — meaning, when one is pretending to be the other.

Here’s the Ringer promo that played at SDCC: