Matt's Inside Line on Private Practice, Good Wife, White Collar, Burn Notice, SOA and More

Does Addison still have baby on the brain? Which Good Wife pairing has Alan Cumming licking his lips (and stroking a cat)? Will the treasure tear apart White Collar‘s Neal and Sara? What unites SAMCRO with The Hoff? Read on for those answers, plus other teases  from some of TV’s hottest shows.

Private Practice | AddisonKateFan tweeted me for “Addison scoop, please!” — and I’m here to deliver. When last we tuned in, Ad’s pillow talk included the declaration, “I’m still going to want a baby, Sam…. I’ll adopt or get a sperm donor, I don’t know. But I’m going to have a baby, on my own.” But with all that Ad has going on, from salvaging Oceanside Wellness to whatever is up with the returning Benjamin Bratt character, will she still be leaning toward the family way when the show returns Sept. 29? Oh, yes. A source assures me that Dr. Montgomery “is going to waste no time” and look into adding a baby to her life “from the get-go of Season 5.” Let’s just hope it’s not too tough a road ahead for her.

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Falling Skies | Speaking of wee ones, TNT’s alien-invasion drama recently introduced us to a very pregnant gal named Sarah, which led me to ask Moon Bloodgood, who plays the resident doctor, if baby drama is to come? Like, might the kid-collecting skitters be especially interested in a newborn human? Alas, my theory got nixed. Bloodgood says the imminent childbirth is merely “symbolic of how new life is going to come into this camp of people.” Plus, the actual delivery will require an unexpected pair of helping hands. “Anne and [Captain] Weaver have a moment where we have to deliver the baby,” reveals Moon, “and that lets him and I be closer, versus being adversaries.”

The Good Wife | I’ve been seeing much speculation, off of this week’s Ask Ausiello, that the Good Wife characters who are about to meet for the first time – and form an interesting bond – are Eli and Kalinda. Well, Alan Cumming, who just last week netted his second Emmy nod for playing Peter’s campaign manager, would savor such an alliance. “Can you imagine?!” he said to me, marveling at the potential partnership. “You could have the Superheroes of Ruthlessness! I can imagine them wearing cloaks, and I would be petting a cat….” (Just wanted to share that mental picture with everyone.)

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White Collar | Given that this week’s episode ended with Sara laying her peepers on Neal’s treasure trove, you have to wonder how that discovery will impact the romance ‘tween the insurance snoop and the semi-reformed con. Here is what Hilarie Burton told me about what’s next. “Sara walks in a grey area, but she clearly knows the difference between right and wrong, and her decision-making process will be affected,” she teased. “As much as she likes Neal, she also likes her freedom and her future. He is a beautiful, tempting man, and that killed Kate — and I don’t think Sara is going to let that happen to her. She is going to fight it as much as she can, because she refuses to be anyone’s victim.” Cue Eliza Dushku?

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Burn Notice | One hot topic likely to come up at Burn Notice‘s Comic-Con panel is the possibility of fans getting another prequel movie, à la The Fall of Sam Axe, but this time delving into the past of Michael or Fiona. Well, here’s the bottom line from USA Network co-prez Jeff Wachtel: “Fox TV Studios came to us with the idea of doing the [Sam Axe] prequel, in part because Bruce [Campbell] is such a spectacular international star, based on the Evil Dead movies – he’s like the Elvis of Comic-Con — so they were able to offer to us a two-hour [movie] somewhat less costly than a traditional one.” Meaning, centering a TV-movie around Jeffrey Donovan or Gabrielle Anwar would mean making the numbers work. “We’d love to do [another prequel],” says Wachtel, “but it’d have to have a good economic model.”

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Sons of Anarchy | What brings “The Hoff” to the FX hit (premiering its new season on Sept. 6)? Playing a “packing” porn star named Dondo, he will get wrapped up in some possible closure for Georgie’s murder of Luann. Apprised by Jax of exactly how the porn starlet got snuffed, “I get really pissed off, because she was my mentor and friend, and she taught me there was more to like that being just ‘a big c—k,'” David Hasselhoff tells me. And once Dondo gets the grim details? “Hopefully they’ll have me kill Tom Arnold (who plays Georgie)!”

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Comic-Con Quickies | Here’s a pleasant surprise for Haven fans attending the San Diego event, namely Friday night’s screening of a new episode: Cast member Eric Balfour will make an unplanned appearance, teeing up the presentation…. Anthony Head will be guest-moderating the Saturday panel for NBC’s Grimm, offering a bit of a Buffy reunion, seeing as Grimm boss David Greenwalt was an EP on the slayer series…. And last but not least, be sure to follow TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, Megan Masters and Vlada Gelman on Twitter for ongoing updates from Con events, parties and our star-studded video suite.

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