Deadline Hollywood to Launch Online Game

TVLine’s sister site, Deadline Hollywood, itself made news on Tuesday with the announcement of an online game set to launch this summer.

Designed for both “wannabes and showbiz moguls,” the Facebook-based ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ promises to let players “experience what it really takes to make it in Hollywood,” via game play that incorporates and is influenced by real-time breaking news — aka Deadline’s specialty.

Here’s one screen shot:

Though specifics on game play and the user interface have not yet been revealed, the ‘Deadline Hollywood Game,’ says the press release, “employs the same mixture of street smarts and dumb luck to make it in The Industry by allowing players to choose one of several career paths –– actor, screenwriter, producer, director, agent, studio executive –- leading to success or ruin.”

Says Deadline founder Nikki Finke, “The ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ will allow experienced gamers, real-life Hollywood players, movie fans, and casual users to truly experience the grit, intrigue, and rivalry of the Hollywood industry. And just like the real town, this game is not for every schmo — only the strongest will survive.”

The ‘Deadline Hollywood Game’ will launch this summer on an invitation-only basis. Interested Facebook users can pre-register here, then be among the first to know when the game goes live (as well as be entered to win a “Hollywood Mogul Swag Bag”).