Fringe Season 4 Teaser: What Does It Mean?

Fox’s first teaser for the fourth — and highly anticipated — season of Fringe is a big ol’ tease, indeed.

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“There are things happening here that I can’t even begin to explain,” the 10-second clip shows Peter telling Olivia. “And I am not going anywhere until I can.”

Check it out, then read on for more….

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Thing is, the scene on display — while thematically relevant to the Season 3 cliffhanger that left us wondering about Peter’s “existence” — is not culled from a fresh episode but from “The Arrival,” the Season 1 entry that gave viewers their first good look at the odd Observers.

After the clip squiggles out (due to “interference”), the screen goes black, save for millisecond flashes of major moments from Fringe lore, leading up and including Peter’s vanishing. The title card meanwhile asks, in backwards type, “Where Is Peter Bishop?”

Fun fact, as many have noted: “The Arrival” was the fourth episode of Fringe‘s first season, while the premiere airing Friday, Sept. 23, at 9/8c, will be the first episode of Season 4. Do you think the show runners/boys in the promo department simply choose the above scene because of how the numbers mirror each other? And what’s your latest theory on “where” Peter went and, more importantly, how he will come back to us?

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