Fall TV Preview

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Castle, Fringe, CSI: NY, Grey's, 90210, Nikita and More!

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Question: Got any Grey’s Anatomy scoop? — Val
As a matter of fact, now that production on Season 8 is just about to get underway (on Friday, to be specific), every day seems to bring a new tidbit. Today’s: The show is casting a new intern, and not one of those know-it-all can-do types, either. The rookie — male, by the way, and presumably hot — seems right from the start to be in over his pretty head.

Question: Can you give us something else juicy about Castle‘s season premiere. Pretty please? —Ashley
The hour ends with a pretty big twist that I can only assume will reverberate throughout the season, and perhaps beyond.

Question: I’m going through major Nikita withdrawal over here! Any spoilers you can give us for Season 2 that will tide me over till the show returns? —Leslie
Weapons are expensive, and with no division insider, Michael and Nikita are flat broke. What are a bunch of trained assassins to do? Find a benefactor — and quick!

Question: This summer is unbearable thus far, so please give us a scoop on Fringe. Don’t care if it’s about Peter, Olivia, Walter, Broyles, etc. Just give me something  juicy! —Duncan
I’m having no luck finding out who Michelle Krusiec is playing, but I like the theory put forth by many of you in the comments section: She’s the daughter of Walternate and his mistress.

Question: Will Alex Hunter be back on White Collar in Season 3? —Mary
If series creator Jeff Eastin has his way, yes. “We basically had some scheduling issues with Gloria Votsis, which is part of the reason we haven’t seen her much this year,” he says. “In my mind, we have not seen the last of Alex.”

Question: What’s this I’m hearing about Eliza Dushku coming in as a love interest for Matt Bomer’s Neal on White Collar? What about Sara? —Katie
“They’re on a break” by the time Dushku’s minx shows up, reveals Eastin. “Eliza’s character happens to be there and Neal’s in a little bit of a rebound mode anyway. We get some sparks between them.” BTW, soon enough you’ll see why Neal might be “on the market” again.

Question: Any update on your Comic-Con party? —Tom
Details coming in the next two days via my Twitter feed! In the meantime, you may want to clear your schedules for Thursday night. You know, just in case.

Question: Do you have any spoilers on Criminal Minds, specifically regarding A.J. Cook’s (JJ) or Paget Brewster’s (Prentiss) returns? —Valerie
Not only is JJ back, but she gets a promotion! And re: Prentiss, much of the team does not handle finding out that she is still alive well, especially Dr. Reid, who feels betrayed.

Question: When will we find out who you were talking about in this Blind Item? —Vanessa
Depending on what my blood-alcohol level spikes to at my Comic-Con party, the secret could come out next Thursday.

Question: Do you have any scoop on The Good Wife? —Denise
I’m hearing rumblings about a very surprising new triangle unfolding during the first couple of episodes. Hint: Two girls, one guy.

Question: Anything on my summertime guilty pleasure, Royal Pains? —Megan
Californication‘s Madeline Zima has booked a guest stint as a nanny to the asthmatic son of a movie-star couple in this season’s ninth episode.

Question: Do you have anything on CSI: NY? —Janie
The season premiere will mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, which means it’s going to be an emotional episode for Mac who, as you know, lost his wife in the attacks. It doesn’t help matters that the new forensics tech Hannah — who’s book-smart but socially inept — starts hounding him with questions about his missus’ passing. BTW, word on the street is several pivotal scenes will be shot on location in New York.

Question: Got any scoop on whether Max is returning to 90210? Please say yes! He and Naomi are seriously loved! —Lucy
Good news/bad news. He’ll be back, but it sounds like only for a handful of episodes. Fingers crossed that changes. Max/Naomi ruled. In other 90210 news, a major male character will be following in the footsteps of David Silver and developing a drug habit. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: Is it wrong of me to want scoop on Once Upon a Time before it’s even started? — Helene
Yes. But I’ll give it to you, anyway. ABC’s upcoming fairy tale is adding a new recurring character to its canvas: the Magic Mirror in Storybrooke aka Sidney in the real world. As you’d expect, MM is a consultant to the Evil Queen. His counterpart similarly sucks up to dragon lady Regina as a staff reporter for her Daily Mirror newspaper. And if the show hasn’t already called Ugly Betty alum Michael Urie about this part, its powers that be are mad, I tell you, mad as hatters. Speaking of Once Upon

Question: I’m surprised after reading your Top 10 list that Fox’s New Girl is nowhere to be found.  To me, it easily looks like the best new comedy based on the previews I’ve seen.  Is the pilot really disappointing? —Wendy
Just watched it over the weekend and I’ve updated my Top 10 accordingly! You’ll also notice Once Upon a Time jumped from No. 6 to No. 4. Turns out ABC’s fairytale saga is even better the second time around.

1. Awake (midseason)
2. Smash (midseason)
3. Suburgatory
4. Once Upon a Time
5. New Girl
6. A Gifted Man
7. 2 Broke Girls
8. Terra Nova
9. Alcatraz (midseason)
10. Pan Am

Question: Going for a reply two weeks in a row: Who are they planning to bring back for the final season of One Tree Hill? —Jamie
Tyler Hilton’s back as Chris, and rumor has it the first time you see him he’s got a gun in his hand.

Question: Can you share anything else about the Vampire Diaries premiere? What does Damon get Elena for her birthday? —Will
Um, nothing. This is Vampire Diaries. Don’t count on there being any cake and goody bags, if you catch my drift. Besides, Elena isn’t really in the partying mood. She’s got more important things on her mind.

Question: Looking for anything you can tell me about Make It or Break It. Will there be a Season 3? —Lisa
I hear a decision will be made in the next couple weeks. My guess? No news is probably bad news.

Question: Yo, what are the odds Body of Proof will allow Dana Delany a couple days off to reprise her role as Special Agent Jordan Shaw on Castle so she can knock a little sense into Beckett?! —Michelle
The odds are slim to none, but thanks for bringing up Body of Proof! The show is adding some new blood in the form of Dani, a smokin’ hot twentysomething who is hired to drive the medical examiners van. She aspires to someday be a part of the M.E. team, but the fact that she lacks an internal censor could very well hold her back.

Question: Any scoop on Rescue Me this season? —Laur
The July 13 season premiere features a marriage proposal, the formation of a very unlikely friendship and a time jump — but not this time jump.

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