Closure for The Closer: Will Brenda's Boys Have a Home on the Spin-Off?

It never gets easy to say, but here we go, once again: This Monday at 9/8c, TNT’s The Closer lets loose with its seventh – and final – season. And while TVLine has already shared with you Emmy-winning frontwoman Kyra Sedgwick’s take on her difficult decision to bid Brenda adieu and her preview of the acclaimed drama’s final run, the question looms:

What will become of the Major Crimes boys — namely Gabriel, Flynn, Provenza, Sanchez, Tao and Buzz — when their boss goes bye?

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We spoke with Brenda’s right-hand man, Corey Reynolds aka Det. Gabriel. “There’s an interest in continuing the show [via the spin-off Major Crimes, starring Mary McDonnell as Capt. Sharon Raydor], and I think they’re just trying to work out the details,” the actor says. “I think that all of us are interested in continuing the storytelling; we just have to figure out what way is best to launch the new show.”

In other words, Reynolds cops to not having much information about series creator James Duff’s long-term plan. Nor should anyone just yet, seeing as the series finale — following this summer’s 10-episode run and five winter outings –- won’t actually air until next summer. As such, Reynolds is focusing on how the show sews up Brenda’s story, with an arc that sounds turbulent, to say the least.

“A lot of shows don’t get the opportunity to wrap things up the way they’d like to -– a lot of times [the end date] comes out of nowhere,” he notes, “so this gives us a chance to bring some stories full circle, tie up some looses and, and give characters a proper bow-out — Brenda in particular. Should that springboard into something else? That could be pretty exciting.”

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Yes, hopefully all (or almost all) of the supporting ensemble – including stalwart Gabriel, bicker brothers Flynn and Provenza, and the comically precise Tao — will be left alive, kicking and eligible to join the spin-off, after Brenda closes her final case.

“Oh, they will. I’m sure they will,” Sedgwick ventured when we asked about the MCD team’s fate. “I hope all the guys will [be on Major Crimes]. That’s my hope.”

The Closer fans, who are your must-keepers when it comes to the 2012 spin-off?

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