First Look: Bones' Official Comic-Con Poster!

Comic-Con attendees better hope those 100-gallon swag bags aren’t in short supply this year, because if the Bones freebies are any indication, the loot is going to be Off. The. Hook. Feast your eyes on the show’s cheeky, pop art-inspired Comic-Con poster, which will be available for free at the Fox Fanfare booth (#4313) throughout the convention — while supplies last, natch.

Bones Spoiler Alert: Season Premiere Scoop!

‘Round the Clock Bones Scoop and Spoilers!

What’s more, the super-cool image will also be featured on an exclusive t-shirt available only to those lucky folks who attend the Bones panel on Friday, July 22. Sources confirm to me exclusively that the moderator of the panel (read: me!!!) will also walk away with a free tee. At least he better. While we’re on the subject of me Comic-Con, information on the third annual Aushole boozefest gathering is forthcoming. Keep a close eye on my Twitter feed @MichaelAusiello and public Facebook page over the next 10 days for all the deets. Space is very limited, so don’t dilly-dally. The second you see the RSVP link, click it. It’s survival of the quickest, people!