Matt's Inside Line on Lisa E.'s Good Wife Gig, Criminal Minds, Sons of Anarchy and More

Does Lisa Edelstein’s Good Wife‘s character have a surprising agenda? What will be “different” about the Criminal Minds BAU team? Which SAMCRO biker will face a family crisis? Read on for those answers, plus a flurry of other teases and sound bites from some of TV’s hottest shows and stars.

The Good Wife | The instant that TVLine broke the news about House alum Lisa Edelstein joining CBS’ hot drama, many speculated that her character would drive a wedge between Will and Alicia. We have since reported that Lisa E. will be playing Will’s ex-partner, from his old law firm — and that leads me to suspect that she will figure into the dark “embezzlement” secret from his past, hinted at by that SOB P.I. Blake before he scurried off stage left. Exhibit A: Good Wife boss Robert King assured me the show is “going to build on that” dropped bombshell, even with Blake gone. Exhibit B: Julianna Margulies told me that in Season 3, “Will is dealing with demons, and we’re about to find out why Blake was in his life” years ago in D.C. My theory? With Peter believing that Will was engaged in hanky panky with Alicia even before the Kalinda reveal, he will dig into his rival’s past and sully his Boy Scout badge. As Margulies teased, “I have a feeling that Peter is going to go after the Will Gardner character.” So did I make my case? Might Edelstein’s legal eagle be privy to Will’s transgression? Or is Peter out to make certain that she finds out?

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Criminal Minds | Fans of the CBS crime drama are champing at the bit, waiting to see how “dead” Prentiss is pulled back into the BAU. The good news is that you won’t have to wait beyond the Sept. 21 season premiere to find out. I’ve learned that the producers are playing in “real time,” so four months will have passed when the action picks back up, and that the Prentiss story will be visited upon ASAP in the season opener. Here’s one other curious bit of intel: My source says that “some of the team members will look different” when Minds returns. What, did Shemar Moore pack on 70 lbs. over the summer? Is there a hair color Kirsten Vangsness’ Garcia hasn’t tried yet? Hmmm….

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Sons of Anarchy | Dipping into the reader mailbag, Charlie asks: “Do you have any Sons Of Anarchy Season 4 scoop that doesn’t involve Jax, Tara or Gemma? I would like to know some stuff about the other characters, like Chibs, Opie, Clay, Tig or Kozik.” Well, Charlie, how’s 4-for-5? As the new season opens up, 14 months after the events of the finale and with the SAMCRO guys leaving the clink, Opie will struggle with soon-to-be wife Lyla’s porn star profession; Tig will suffer a family crisis (that doesn’t include an animal); Bobby’s role as the moral center of the club will be put to the test; and with his hands becoming more and more pained, Clay is forced to think about his immediate future.

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Fringe | TVLine very recently checked in with John Noble, but perhaps we should have waited — because, still, no one seems to know (or be willing to spill) what the new season will look like, with Peter not existing and all. “All I know is that they will do a reset, and that [the writers] are really excited,” the Walters’ portrayer said. “I know that they have about nine episodes in a sort of package” to kick off the season. Also, Noble suspects that as much as the doppelgangers despise each other — and as tricky as it is to pull off, production-wise — Walter and Walternate will need to work side-by-side in their conjoined worlds. “It doesn’t make sense for them not to, ultimately, but it won’t be easy,” warns the actor.

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Screened & Heard | Ausiello this week shared his Top 10 favorite fall pilots (to date), and I’ve been tweeted a lot asking what I’ve been liking. So, in addition to the Fall TV First Impressions preview series I’m authoring, here is my current Top 10 — and mind you, I’ve already screened anything that could possibly land high in the rankings, which I am updating with each viewing.
1. Smash, NBC (midseason)
2. Once Upon a Time, ABC — aka the next show for which I’ll share my First Impression
3. Awake, NBC (midseason)
4. Terra Nova, Fox
5. Ringer, The CW
6. New Girl, Fox
7. 2 Broke Girls, CBS
8. Revenge, ABC
9. Suburgatory, ABC
10. Apartment 23, ABC (midseason)
10. The River, ABC (midseason)

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