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Exclusive: Parenthood Boss Bringing Back Jason Ritter… And Giving Him His Own Show!

When finding out all the details of this story, I kept thinking, “It can’t get any better!” And then it just kept getting better.

Not only is Parenthood bringing back one of my FAEs (Favorite Actors Ever), Jason Ritter, for multiple episodes, but NBC’s production arm, Universal Media Studios, has also signed him to a development deal to star in a new series from — wait for it! — Parenthood and Friday Night Lights boss Jason Katims!

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Details on the new project are being kept under wraps, but an insider confirms that it will be — no surprise — an hour-long drama. And if it’s anything like FNL and Parenthood, I’ll be crying my eyes out by the end of every episode.

It’s unclear how this news will impact UMS’ efforts to find a new home for Ritter’s’ cancelled NBC thriller The Event. There was talk of it possibly continuing in miniseries form Syfy, but that appears to be a long-shot at this point.

On Parenthood, Ritter will reprise his role as Mark, the on-again/off-again love interest of Lauren Graham’s Sarah. He’s expected to resurface early into the show’s third season, which kicks off on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

So, thoughts? Or are you beyond words?

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