Leverage First Look: Can Nate Con a Mad Man?

This Sunday at 9/8c, TNT’s Leverage trots out another familiar face — Mad Men alum Michael Gladis — to play a memorable mark, and TVLine has a first look at the con he gets caught up in.

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The set-up: Gladis guest-stars as Reed Rockwell, a crisis management whiz who employs very unethical means in the name of promoting his clients — or, more often, publicly disgracing the good name of their rivals. Alas, the Leverage team’s mark is a very private individual, so the only way to take him down is for Nate (Timothy Hutton) to pose as a Bluetooth-babbling spinmeister himself and first pump up Reed’s public image.

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In the video clip below, Reed flips out when he fears a past trangression will come back to haunt him — and you can bet Nate will try his darnedest to make sure it does.

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