Fall TV Preview

Five-0 Targets Terminator Vet for Governor Gig

Another Terminator franchise alum has been voted into the office of governor. Only this time, it’s for make-believe.

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As reported by TV Guide Magazine, Richard T. Jones (of TV’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) has landed the recurring role of the man who was Lt. Governor to Jean Smart’s ill-fated politico, Pat Jameson. With the Hawaii honcho killed during the Season 1 finale, he claims the plum gig — but will keep a tighter leash on McGarrett and the Five-0 team. “[He’ll be] cleaning up a lot of the mess left by the previous administration,” an insider tells the mag.

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Jones is no stranger to wrangling strong personalities, having dogged Lena Headey’s Sarah Connor on Fox’s short-lived T:SCC, where he played an FBI agent. His other previous TV credits include Girlfriends, Judging Amy, and guest spots on Bones and Grey’s Anatomy.

The second season of Five-0 premieres Monday, Sept. 19. Other new additions include Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn (as McGarrett’s old Navy SEAL instructor) and Tom Sizemore (playing an IA investigator who gets up in Five-O’s grill).