Office Boss Race: Down to Jim, Dwight or Andy?

Here’s some grist for the watercooler for ya! Now that we know James Spader is being wooed to join The Office as a replacement for Kathy Bates’ CEO, Jo, and not for Steve Carell’s office manager, Michael, it seems increasingly likely (even inevitable?) that the sitcom’s producers will promote from within to fill the vacant post at the Scranton branch. And, as teased in this week’s Ask Ausiello, the current frontrunners for the job are Jim, Andy and Dwight. Assuming the execs need a little help making the big decision, we’ve compiled a handy list of each contender’s pros and cons. And, just to keep things democratic (the Fourth of July is coming up), we embedded a poll for you to weigh in, too.

Pros | Next to wife Pam, he is the sanest person in the office. Plus, though he still rocks the tousled hairdo of a slacker, he is ambitious (once ascending to the position of Michael’s co-manager).
Cons | We love Jim, and it isn’t fun to watch someone you love be thwarted, frustrated and undermined at every turn. (And can you imagine any other outcome, were he to try to ringlead this circus?)

Pros | Since undergoing therapy for anger-management, he’s been as sweet as pie. As sweet as really sweet pie, in fact. And, maybe you haven’t heard? Dude studied at Cornell. La-di-da.
Cons | His past relationship and current crush on secretary Erin is a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. And there are IHOPS that serve less “waffle” than he does.

Pros | History books are full of dictators that weren’t half as ambitious as he has been from day one.
Cons | Those same dictators weren’t nearly as bats*** crazy as he is. Forget it. He’s too over-the-top to even see the top from where he sits.

Taking all that into consideration, Andy is our pick. How about you? Make your voice (or at least your mouse-click) heard in the poll below!