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Grey's Anatomy Preview: Who Will Be Season 8's Bigger Pariah, Alex or April?

Grey’s Anatomy docs Alex Karev and April Kepner would be well advised to brush up on their Latin, because they are both likely to be hearing the term persona non grata lobbed in their general direction when the new season rolls around.

But which of them will field more nasty glares in the halls?

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Crippling Karev’s cred: In last month’s season finale, he revealed to Derek and the Chief that Meredith had tampered with the Alzheimer’s clinical trial, earning Mer a suspension/near-termination and, of course, compromising the fate of the drug trial. (To his “credit,” though, he did proffer laudatory words to the social worker who went on to grant Meredith custody of baby Zola.)

April, meanwhile, found herself on the receiving end of news so good it’s kinda bad — that in the wake of so much aggressive jockeying by the likes of Alex and Cristina, she in fact was Owen’s choice to be the new Chief Resident. Yep, one of the two surviving (no pun intended) Mercy Westers will now have the onus of ordering around her entitled-feeling peers.

So, which of the two will have the rougher go of it when Season 8 premieres on Sept. 22? We asked around the halls of Seattle Grace.

Chyler Leigh, who plays Lexie, agrees that April is now in a “rough place” as the newly christened beholder of the job most everyone wanted. “But between Lexie and Jackson, she might have a couple of compadres on her side.”

As for Alex, well…. “That was a pretty big thing that he did,” Leigh notes, “and it’s going to be really interesting to see how everybody feels about him. Cristina made her point her clear: You ruined the reputation of the one universally liked person here, so you’re going to be the hated one now.”

Especially since Karev did what he did in the name of nabbing the Chief Resident position. “Even if he had some good intention in throwing Meredith under the bus, there’s obviously a big jealousy factor that took dominance over the whole situation,” says Leigh.

Jesse Williams (aka Jackson) also suspects that Alex “is going to have a tougher time” than April. “But he’s thicker-skinned [than meek Dr. Kepner], so he can handle it.”

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In fact, April will be doing all she can to just handle her new responsibilities, let alone deflect any behind-her-back snarking. “She’s going to have her hands full,” series creator Shonda Rhimes attests. “She’s not prepared to be Chief Resident, and she might find it to be much more difficult than she expected. It’s going to be a long road.”

Who will garner your sympathy as Season 8 gets underway — loose-lipped Alex, or overachieving April?