Switched at Birth Preview: Fireworks, Drama and More Hunky Guys!

Nothing ratchets up family tensions like a social mixer with a very diverse guest list, so Kathryn’s (Lea Thompson) school fundraiser at the Kennish home on tonight’s Switched at Birth (ABC Family, 9/8c) proves to be the perfect recipe for disaster.

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“Everyone you can imagine shows up, and the fireworks definitely go off,” previews Katie LeClerc, who plays Kathryn’s biological daughter, Daphne. “There’s lots of drama. There’s lots of crazy excitement. There’s definitely some tears. And probably some laughter as well.”

Adds Vanessa Marano, who plays artsy, feisty Bay: “A huge fight breaks out between a few of the characters.” Could the girls’ complicated romantic entanglements – each is dating a guy from the other’s neighborhood – be the source of some of the fighting? Marano hints that the reveal will definitely cause trouble between Daphne and Bay, but adds, “I get her back. It’s cool.”

“More love interests will appear,” she continues. “There’s a new one for [Daphne]. There’s a new one for [Bay]. We have ADD when it comes to the masculine persuasion on our show.”

Even Daphne’s deaf pal, Emmett (Sean Berdy), will get in on the action. “Ooh, he gets a love interest!” exclaims Marano. “If I’m correct, he gets two.”

Emmett has “a nice little arc,” says LeClerc, adding, “I definitely think some of the choices that these characters make might surprise people.” Like, perhaps, Emmett developing more-than-friendly feelings for Daphne? “I think when you’re very intimately close with a friend, you can’t help but love them,” replies LeClerc. “I feel like they definitely love each other [as friends]. Over the course of the season, that definition might change a little bit.”

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Fireworks will also go off when Brothers & Sisters‘ hunky Gilles Marini guest stars in the season finale as Bay’s biological father, Angelo. As a musician, Angelo is “getting along great” with his artistic daughter, Bay, according to Marano. But Daphne will be less welcoming of the man she believed to be her father. “[He’s] a big source of concern for Daphne,” says LeClerc. “She definitely feels abandoned. With that comes a lot of resentment.”

Meanwhile, “Bay’s just really trying to make everything work with intertwining the families,” says Marano, before adding with a smile, “I can’t say that that’s going well.”

Switched at Birth fans, are you excited for the fireworks to go off tonight? Who do you think catches Emmett’s eye?