Glee Project Recap: Public Displays of Rejection

Aw, phooey! Only three episodes in, and my favorite contestant from The Glee Project‘s inaugural season has been expelled from the competition — and I’m scratching my noggin’ trying to figure out why. Was “the legendary Emily Vasquez” DQ’d for excessive amounts of sass? Could the judges have been turned off by her clear and powerful singing voice? Did she pay the price for being the only contestant this season to actually make me guffaw? (Sorry, Hannah, but just because you declare yourself the funny girl does not make it so.) I know, I know…Ryan Murphy and his cohorts were looking for a cast member who represented a “flavor” not currently represented on Glee, but I refuse to believe that McKinley High can’t handle having two Latina characters roaming its musical hallways. After all, aren’t Sam and Finn and Kurt and Karofsky and Artie all caucasian males? Mmkay?

But seriously, I thought Emily showed more pizazz and comic timing and acting ability in a single line of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” — the arched brow on “why were they open?” — than Damian did in his entire rendition of “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” Sure, the latter contestant cried real tears, but to me it felt like crying out of fear of being booted from a basic-cable reality show, not because there was a deep and unbreakable connection to the song he was singing.

Cameron, meanwhile, rounded out the bottom three on account of having inner confidence and not “a lot of deep-rooted secrets.” Or maybe the producers just needed to make us worried about the fate of the guy most likely to provide competition to Darren Criss among screaming hoards of teen girls. Me? I’d have put the guy in jeopardy just for adding a hyphen to his sandwich board sign of “Mis-Understood.” (Yeah, it’s a long word, but make it fit!)

Oh yes, let’s talk about those boards for a second. This week’s challenge found the 10 remaining kids taking it to Universal Citywalk with big ole’ signs announcing their biggest insecurities (i.e. “gay,” “fat,” “small,” or in Lindsay’s case “too pretty to be taken seriously” — or something like that, anyway).

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Emily, who at age 22 was dropping lines like “this is my last shot” (oh, girl, come on now) went with “used,” because, as she noted, she’d previously had “music producers use me — sexually.” I was more shocked by that admission than Marissa’s last-minute decision to change “flawed” to “anorexic.” Honestly, for a moment that got hyped in last week’s previews and between most commercial breaks, I felt like the show’s producers didn’t delve very deeply into Marissa’s big story arc. Maybe we’ll get to know the soft-spoken redhead a little better in subsequent episodes? Only time will tell.

Oh, and before I turn things over to you, how hilariously misguided is Lindsay. I loved her indignant response when the awesome Dot-Marie Jones told her her emotions came across as “forced” on Pink’s “Please Don’t Leave Me.” Lindsay, the kind of girl you can imagine getting a gold star just for making a pee-pee in her diaper as a toddler, couldn’t handle the criticism. “It wasn’t that at all,” she huffed. “I was really feeling something.” I’m feeling something, too: The desire for Lindsay to get booted next week.

What did you think of this week’s Glee Project? Are you sad to see Emily go home? Sound off in the comments!

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