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James Spader In Talks to Be New Office Boss - But There's a Twist

Cocksure job candidate Robert California may be heading back to Scranton, Pa., on a full-time basis, if James Spader closes a deal to join NBC’s The Office on a full-time basis this coming season.

The twist, though, is that Spader’s character — who like most of the applicants in last month’s star-studded season finale didn’t deliver the best job interview (he preached the “universal truth” that “everything is sex”) — would only sit as Michael Scott’s desk for a brief spell. According to EW.com, which first reported on Spader’s contract talks, California would in short order grow tired of the menial office manager position and successfully angle for the lofty position of Dunder Mifflin’s CEO, ostensibly taking the place of Jo Bennett (seeing as Kathy Bates’ Harry’s Law renewed for fall).

That would then free up anew the office manager job, for someone else to occupy on a truly long-term basis.

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