The Voice Semifinal Results: Did the Right Four Singers Advance to the Finale?

According to host Carson Daly, The Voice has put us through a nine-week journey of “blood, sweat, and tears.” And after tonight’s Semifinal results show, we can also add to the list of mile markers a George Michael musical mashup, massive quantities of tears, a peculiar little poem by Cee Lo, a raggedy pink and white braid of Christina Aguilera’s, the world’s most touching private jet ride (courtesy of Blake Shelton), and Adam Levine’s own surprisingly frank admission that if he’d been a contestant on the show, he probably wouldn’t have won.

As a whole, the telecast packed about 60 seconds of results into 60 minutes of airtime, but at least the eight semifinalists sounded pretty darn melodious on a hot little hybrid of “Freedom 90” and “Faith” (oh, that Xtina had assigned the former track as Frenchie Davis’ semifinal number!). When that performance ended, Mr. Daly got down to the business of announcing which four contestants — one representing each of the show’s vocal coaches — would advance to the finale. The decision was based on an equal combination of coaches’ scores and viewer votes. (Each coach was assigned 100 points to divvy up to his or her two contestants however they saw fit; viewer votes — mathematically calculated to a number also totaling 100 — were then added to the coaches’ scores for a final number.)

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Here’s how it all played out:

Team Cee Lo
Vicci Martinez defeats Nakia: 124 points to 76 points (Cee Lo split: 49-51)
Prior to finding out which of his team members would go to the finale, Cee Lo read a rambling poem calling his semifinalists “supernatural” and “extraordinary,” and ending with a rallying cry behind the Team Cee Lo colors: “Red till I’m dead.”

Team Adam
Javier Colon defeats Casey Weston: 138 to 62 (Adam’s point split: 65-35)
“I had to advance him,” Adam said of Javier, citing the affable dad’s long history of near misses in the music business.

Team Blake
Dia Frampton defeats Xenia: 106 to 94 (Adam’s point split: 50-50)
The Voice cameras followed along as Blake took both of his team members via private jet to his concert in Cincinnati — where he allowed them to share the stage on a rendition of “Honeybee.” “I love ’em, and you can’t put a number on that,” Blake said of his decision to do a 50-50 split on his votes for Dia and Xenia.

Team Xtina
Beverly McClellan defeats Frenchie Davis: 107 to 93 (Xtina’s point split: 50-50)
“How can you judge apples to oranges?” the bizarrely styled Xtina asked after it was revealed that she, too, had divvied her votes 50-50.

What did you think of The Voice semifinal results? Did the right contestants advance? Is there someone whose absence from the final four still stings (like, for random example, Rebecca Loebe)? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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