Rookie Blue's Missy Peregrym Previews Season 2: The Love Triangle 'Gets Really Heavy'

Prepare for gun fire — ABC’s Rookie Blue returns this Thursday at 10/9c with the rookies growing up into training officer-less cops. But that doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing. In the new season, Missy Peregrym’s Andy will find herself hurt in the line of duty — and torn between two very attractive men, who also happen to be her co-workers. But, as Peregrym tells TVLine, there’s a new woman in the police station who’s going to make Andy’s love life even more complicated.

TVLINE | How is Andy handling being a cop in the new season? Is she a little bit more confident?
I think it’s just as difficult because a little bit of knowledge can be a really dangerous thing. We’re rookies still; we just don’t have training officers. That means we’re walking into this on the front lines. We’re not being led into it. We’re not being told how to handle every little situation. We have to start to trust our own instincts. There’s some pretty serious things that happen and some [serious] consequences. As much as we think we know how to deal with the situation, how to present ourselves in a certain sense, you cannot plan for anything that we go through.

TVLINE | When we first met Andy, she was carrying around a lot of baggage because of her father’s history with the police force and his alcoholism. Has she shed some of that pressure?
Yes, definitely. That’s not really the focus this year. [Her dad] is getting better. He’s on a sober cruise. [Laughs] The series is much more about the relationship with her and Luke (Eric Johnson) [and] the relationship with her and Sam (Ben Bass). This gets really heavy for her. There’s another character that’s added to the show this year – Detective Rosati, played by Camille Sullivan. She’s Luke’s ex-girlfriend…which definitely causes a lot of stress. That effects Andy. This season, there’s a lot that happens that is personally difficult to get over. … It’s not the same thing as last year where she questioned if she wanted to be a cop. There’s none of that this year.

TVLINE | What’s her relationship like with Detective Rosati? Do they get along?
Initially. It’s a fine relationship. But it’s obviously complicated. I have to answer to her to some degree, and she doesn’t really have any respect for me because she loves Luke. She’s the authoritative figure, so it’s a fine line for me to walk — how much I’m going to take from her because of my job and how much I’m going to let go because personally she’s driving me crazy.

TVLINE | Andy is no slouch in the romance department between Luke and Sam. Is Andy committed to Luke when the season starts?
Absolutely. When we start off the first episode, she’s living with Luke. She’s moved in. They’re happy. She’s really certain about the choice that she’s made. Sam presents somebody who’s exciting, but a little bit dangerous. She’s not sure that he’s completely dependable. Luke is very safe. He’s the safe choice. I know that I would be taken care of. So that’s what I go for. And I want to pursue that avenue with Luke. But like I said, things are complicated when the ex-girlfriend comes into the division. Again, we don’t have training officers. Last year, Andy and Sam would have lost their jobs. There’s a consequence for dating a training officer. Because we can partner with each other this year, we’re available to date. It adds more to it.

TVLINE | What’s been the most memorable case that you’ve had this year?
Definitely the severed heads in the duffle bag! I’m actually a total wuss when it comes to gore and all that stuff. I didn’t really want to see it before we filmed it. [I was like], “Forget it. I just want to see the reaction. That’ll make it more real.” It literally disgusted me so badly. My reaction was too much, I think. [Laughs] It was so gross to me that we actually did that. Once you see what happens in the story, obviously, there’s a reason for it. Those are the kind of situations we find ourselves in this year. We’re finding ourselves on the fire department side of things one episode. That’s something that’s new – having to work with them. We’re finding ourselves with a bomb squad. Dov (Gregory Smith) and Chris (Travis Milne) end up in a situation where they’re having to work them. It’s interesting. Everything is amped up.

TVLINE | Having seen you and Gregory Smith in action, I can say you have terrific chemistry and you play off each other hilariously. Are there any fun scenes with the rookies this season?
There’s actually more rookie stuff than there was last year. We’re having to work together as a team undercover. … Any time that we’re working together, it’s really funny. I love working with these people, but we egg each other on to do the weirdest things in the scenes. Sometimes it makes it. Sometimes it doesn’t. That’s part of our show – we have a little bit of humor that’s in the middle of everything.

TVLINE | Any disguises for you this season?
There’s an undercover waitress. There’s an undercover salesperson for a dealership. There’s another undercover situation for figuring out who the drug runners are at the end of the season. That one is definitely way more intense.

TVLINE | Last question: The premiere starts off with Andy singing a very happy song. What song do you think she would be singing by the end of the season?
Ohh… U2’s “Stuck in a Moment.” [Laughs]