America's Got Talent: Precocious Child Singing!

As a general rule, I’ve got a “no me gusta” policy on pre-teens who produce big, brassy voices when they open their mouths to sing. At best, I find these pint-sized contradictions to be disconcerting, and at worst, they strike me as positively creepy. But 11-year-old Anna Graceman, breakout star of Tuesday night’s America’s Got Talent audition episode, is actually pretty charming. That’s not to say I’m in any way interested in buying a full CD of the kid covering grown-up Alicia Keys ballads, but I’m also not worried I’ll wake up one stormy night and find her glowing eyes peering through my skylight, chanting for her demon overlord to come wisk me away to my disfiguring death. (Too dark? Sorry…AGT brings out my inner Wes Craven.) Watch Anna’s audition below, then hit the comments and tell us what you think of her skills. (Slezak on Twitter: @MichaelSlezakTV)

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