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Question: Any new scoops about the new season of Bones? —Sydnee
Yes, a have big scoop! The first episode is titled “The Memories in the Shallow Grave.”

Question: Any scoop on Bones now that Booth and Bones are having a baby? —Kristen
Remember that big scoop I promised you, like, five seconds ago? This is actually it: “The first episode will pick up with Brennan moving into the third trimester of her pregnancy” — just as her portrayer, Emily Deschanel, will be come fall — reveals exec producer Stephen Nathan. “Brennan is still the same strong character and shows no sign of slowing down. She attacks each case as she always has, although she must now deal with the realities of being pregnant.” Meaning…? “Small spaces are a challenge.”

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Question: Any idea when Season 2 of The Killing begins filming or even a rough idea of when it will air? Leaving us with that Mt. Everest-sized cliffhanger is cruel and usual punishment! Thank God they renewed it. I would have been furious if that was the series finale! — Lindsay
No clue, I’m afraid. But Mireille “Linden” Enos did recently share with TVLine her suspicion about Holden’s apparent betrayal of his partner. “This is just my own personal [theory],” she hastened to note, “because I hate to think badly of people. [But] I don’t think Holder’s crooked. I just think he’s a dumdum.” So, if he isn’t a bad cop, who was sitting next to him in that car? “I don’t know. [Series boss] Veena [Sud]’s scripts have surprised me every step of the way. I’ve stopped guessing, actually. I just wait for her genius to unfurl.” Certainly, a part of that genius in Season 2 will have to involve Linden’s continued involvement in the case, right? Was anyone not surprised that she didn’t get off the plane in the end? “We’ll see what happens at the beginning of the next season,” Enos responded with a laugh. “We don’t see the plane take off, so anything’s still possible.”

Question: Do you know if The Killing is ever going to address the connection between Rosie’s privileged ex-boyfriend, Jasper, and her Aunt Terry? Wasn’t that Terry rolling around in his bed in the premiere? —Craig
I thought the same thing — especially after it was hinted in a later episode that that Terry knew Jasper’s dad. Turns out, we were both mistaken. “That wasn’t Terry,” notes exec producer Veena Sud. “It was [just some] trampy woman that he picked up in a bar.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Question: Any chance you’ll be doing a Comic-Con shindig like in years past? —Jack
Officially, I can’t comment. On background and not for attribution, I can confirm that informal talks about a third annual Aushole gathering have begun.

Question: I’m a few weeks late with this, but is there a reason Ziva didn’t attend Mike Franks’ funeral in the NCIS finale? I wondered because she seemed really upset in the previous episode. —Mimi.
“There are actually two answers to Mimi’s question,” responds exec producer Gary Glasberg. “The first has to do with Ziva’s training as a former Mossad operative, her life experiences, and how she personally deals with death. Not attending Mike Franks’ funeral was in no way a sign of disrespect. We’ve all seen Ziva grieve. I think it’s fair to say she would do so in her own private way as she saw fit. Ziva also knew she had limited time to say goodbye to Ray before he left on his mission. Franks would never hold that against her. In fact he’d probably insist she ‘stop hangin’ around a cemetery and follow her heart.'”

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Question: Loved the Falling Skies premiere. Any scoop on Episode 2? —Joel
You’re about to find out what makes Maggie, the gal who helped Tom’s unit overtake Pope, tick. “It’s revealed quite quickly why she is the way that she is,” reveals her portrayer, Shark alumna Sarah Carter. “She comes by her tough exterior honestly and she protects herself for good reason. She’s covered in all these tattoos that say a lot about her, so I’m hoping that people notice the tattoos and really question her character as it develops.”

Question: Any Season 3 Glee scoop on Brittany-Santana? Will their “love story” continue, or should we interpret the events of the finale to mean they’ll go back to being friends with benefits? — Claire
“I don’t know what we’re doing with that,” series creator Ryan Murphy admits. “The thing we’re not going to do is something I would feel is disingenuous — Santana being like, ‘Oh, I’m going to try sleeping with boys again.’ No, Santana is now officially a lesbian and will be dealing with that as Kurt did [his own sexuality].” Well, maybe not exactly as Kurt did: She may get some action sooner than later. “Brittany with a coupla wine coolers in her is good to go, so never say never,” Murphy teases. “But we haven’t really [worked out] that story. All I can say is we will be true to Santana’s sexual orientation.” Speaking of Kurt (not) getting some action…

Question: I have a hunch the storyline Chris Colfer is campaigning for on Glee revolves around Kurt losing his virginity to Blaine. Am I right? If so, what do I win?! —Jessica
You win a big pile of bupkis because I think you’re wrong. When I pressed Colfer for more deets about his dream plot, he added, “It’s something that happens in high school every day that Glee has not covered yet.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Glee has gone to the virgin well a few times already. Anyone got another theory?! Hit the comments!

Question: I know she’s got a new show on The CW, but any chance Rachel Bilson will pop back up on How I Met Your Mother next season? —Jen
Network and studio bosses have been playing nice in recent years when it comes to sharing talent, so if HIMYM wanted her for another guest stint I imagine they’d probably be able to get her. THIS JUST IN: HIMYM wants her! “She’s still the roommate of the mother from the title of the series,” reminds exec producer Craig Thomas. “We didn’t establish her lightly. We definitely intend to show how she’s part of Ted’s link to finding the mother.”

Question: I need some Parenthood scoop, please! —Jade
Mae Whitman isn’t a member of the show’s writing team, but if she were she’d hand Amber a one-way ticket to Independenceville. “It would be great if maybe she got her own place and tried to move on from this horrible accident,” the actress tells TVLine. “When people have such an extreme thing happen to them, they might have an awakening or a life change, and it’d be really cool to seem Amber start to build her own life and try to handle it as it comes. It’d be interesting to see how that independence affects her relationship with her family. I had nightmares about leaving home when I was younger, so to explore that level of pain [from Amber’s perspective] would be really interesting.”

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Question: Dexter scoop, please? —Jody
Dex is heading back to high school — for one episode at least. TVLine reader Louise was on the scene and filed this exclusive report: “Dexter was filming at my high school last week. The episode was about a killing at a high school reunion. I’m pretty sure Dexter was involved, since Michael C. Hall was at our school.” Thanks Louise! Remember Ausholes: If you see something, say something!

Question: I’m not buying Melissa’s about-face in last week’s Pretty Little Liars premiere. I still think she’s out to get Spencer and the rest of the Liars. And obviously Ian is somehow involved. Am I right? —Maddie
Sounds like it. “Do not count on Melissa [being] a good friend,” hints exec producer Oliver Goldstick. “She is one treacherous gal. You do not want Melissa on your team. She’s got a way to really take the truth and twist it in her favor.”

Question: May I have a True Blood spoiler regarding Bill? —Bonnie
There’s a fairly momentous Bill-related development in Sunday’s season premiere that will reverberate throughout the season. Can’t really say more than that.

Question: I need a Torchwood: Miracle Day scoop. Something. Anything. —Raelle
Dichen Lachman’s CIA character proves to be a real, ahem, head-turner. (That’ll make more sense after you watch the second episode.)

Question: Any Big Bang Theory scoop? What will the fallout be from Penny and Raj’s one-night stand? —Lisa D.
I can tell you one thing: It won’t result in a full-blown romance. “I don’t think they have a future as a couple,” says exec producer Bill Prady. “Penny was just doing what she says she does all the time: When she’s upset romantically, she goes out and finds herself a guy. But this time she picked somebody who she had the ability to hurt, and I think that makes it very complicated. Penny had this great situation [with the guys] and she threw a hand grenade into it.”

Question: Any news on Jesse Spencer’s contract talks with House? —Emma
Nope. Looks like this thing could go down to the wire.

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