The Glee Project Recap: Listless Sister

If you’re not comfortable acting the fool, you’re probably not a good fit to join the cast of Glee. That was the take-home message from this week’s episode of The Glee Project, during which we saw Ellis and Matheus land in the bottom three after expressing respective concerns about looking “dumbass” and “stupid” during a video shoot set to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

I was actually quite pleased when Ryan Murphy and his fellow judges decided to swing the axe on Ellis’ dreams of joining New Directions. I know Lindsay is being set up as the cast’s resident villain, but I totally agreed with her when she told Ellis her whiny, negative attitude on set was becoming a liability. How this turned into Ellis accusing Lindsay of “bullying” her is beyond comprehension, but I suppose it plays into Ellis’ “womanchild” world view of being 18, but looking like she’s 10. (Helpful hint: The addition of floppy hats and bows to one’s hair will only exacerbate one’s Shirley Temple syndrome. As will “jazz hand-y” gestures while performing “Mack the Knife.”)

I’m psyched Matheus survived the cut, as he’s one of the few cast members who’s proven memorable (in a good way) over the course of The Glee Project’s first two episodes. (I liked Ryan Murphy’s idea of writing him into the show as a 4’9″ lothario.) I’m also really digging Cameron (pictured), the big-voiced geek who proved his chameleon stripes by totally owning his androgynous rocker chic on set this week; Alex, who’s ridiculous enough to drop bon mots like “I am theatricality!”; and Emily, who may be a bit of a sexed-up she-beast, but also brings a much needed dose of amusing bitchery to the otherwise bland proceedings.

Here’s hoping next week we’ll say goodbye to either Irish cutie Damian, a terrible lipsyncher and dancer who’s as memorable as unflavored Jello, or this week’s bottom three finisher McKynleigh, whose peculiar moniker is her most interesting character trait.

What did you think of this week’s sophomore outing of The Glee Project? Did the judges eliminate the right contestant? Can you see any of these kids becoming breakout stars on Season 3 of Glee? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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