Big Bang Theory Scoop! Things Get 'Messy' for Leonard and Penny, Plus More Nerdy Fun

When last we geeked out with CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, Leonard watched Penny do the Walk of Shame — away from his own bedroom, in fact, where she had comically (and very drunkenly) slept with Raj.

Though that unlikely coupling isn’t by any means a keeper, things will nonetheless be quite complicated for Leonard and Penny when Season 5 arrives this fall — and TVLine has the scoop on what’s to come.

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“Every year, we’ve left ourselves a big mess at the end of the season. It’s fun to do, and we also like things complicated for Leonard and Penny,” series boss Bill Prady told us at the inaugural Critics’ Choice Television Awards, where Jim Parsons aka Sheldon won for Lead Actor in a Comedy. “We’re working right now on untangling the mess we left.”

To that end, although Leonard (played by Johnny Galecki) and India-bound Priya (Aarti Mann) were on the verge of splitsville in the season finale, they will decide to try to keep their romance chugging along — even with 7,500 miles separating them.

“We’re going to put Leonard in a long distance relationship with Priya — and we made that good and messy, too,” says Prady. Couple that set-up with the fact that Penny (Kaley Cuoco) still has feelings for her brainy ex, and the result is “Leonard with two women and no sex,” Prady chuckles.

And as sad as that sitch may be for poor Leonard, it’s good news for fans of what from Day 1 made the hit comedy’s geeky heart beat. “It winds up putting romantic things on hold for a while, and gives us a chance to get back to some good, nerdy storytelling,” says Prady. “We can get silly again.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)