Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Good Wife, Fringe, Covert Affairs, Vampire Diaries and More!

Will Alicia Florrick continue to be a “good” wife? Is Stefan Salvatore prepared to go very bad? Who might Fringe‘s Olivia meet for the very first time? Read on for those answers, plus a flurry of other teases and sound bites from some of TV’s hottest shows and stars.

The Good Wife | One of the million-dollar questions heading into Season 3 of the acclaimed CBS drama is this: Is there any way, for whatever reason, that Alicia will not up and divorce Peter, whom she instantly (and rather efficiently!) sent packing upon learning he once bedded Kalinda? Julianna Margulies suspects that a legal fork will not soon be put in the Florrick marriage, if only because helping Peter get elected governor could be a very good thing for her good wife. “The truth is you kind of want to get him out of the State’s Attorney office, because as long as he’s in there, [Alicia] is going to have to deal with him all the time,” Margulies theorized. In other words, when it comes to Alicia putting on her best game face, yet again, “She will have to weigh the good that will come of it. There will be two sides to the coin.”

Covert Affairs | If you’re like me, you enjoy the dynamic between CIA coworkers Annie and Auggie, sure. But there’s no denying that Agent Walker also “sparks” with Mossad rival Eyal Lavin as well. In fact very much so, as we saw in this season’s second episode. Can fans of Oded Fehr’s spook hope for an encore? The following answer is For Your Eyes Only: “We have at least one more [appearance] planned for him this season,” series cocreator Matt Corman tells TVLine. Why is it that Fehr connects with viewers so? “He brings a real energy and asserting authenticity to the role, because he himself was in the Israeli Navy,” offers Corman. “He has some understanding — at least at a very baseline level — about what it means to be in dangerous situations.”

Fringe | While speaking with me for her Eye on Emmy TVLine feature, Anna Torv shared her excitement over the prospect of working for the very first time with Seth Gabel this coming season. What, you say? Torv already has shared scenes with Gabel? Right. But she’s talking about Olivia crossing paths with our universe’s Lincoln Lee. “I thought he was really fun on this side!” the Aussie actress raves of Gabel’s March appearance. “But Olivia didn’t get to meet him, because she was in William Bell mode [at the time].” Now that the two worlds are connected by the bridge Peter created — and Gabel has been promoted to series regular — does Torv think he will be playing our Lincoln, his alt self, or a bit of each? “I’m thinking both,” she ventures. “And that excites me. He’s just a treat to work with.”

The Vampire Diaries | As viewers saw in the Season 2 finale, Stefan is finally taking a walk on the wild side –- a journey Paul Wesley told me he is quite ready to (sorry) sink his teeth into, when I spoke to him and Ian Somerhalder at The CW upfront event. “For two years now I’ve been really good, so I’m really excited to have a bit of a good time,” he said, “like Mr. Ian Somerhalder does every day.” Speaking of the proverbial devil, does Damon’s portrayer believe his TV sib can be great at bad? “He can definitely bring it,” Somerhalder attested. He added with a wink, “That’s because I teach him.” The question is, how much of Stefan’s darkness will be directed at Elena, who has just locked lips with her beau’s bro? Says Nina Dobrev, “I knew that once that happened, all hell would break loose…. There will definitely be consequences!”

Modern Family | As Modern Family grandparents go, thus far we have met (of course) Claire’s father, Jay, and her mother (guest star Shelly Long), and Phil’s father (played by Fred Willard). So who should eventually tackle the role of Grandma Dunphy? Quite possibly… no one. “[The Modern Family producers] are all Frasier guys,” Ty Burrell notes, “so I have a feeling we’ll never meet Phil’s mom” — à la Niles Crane’s oft-mentioned, never-seen ex. Burrell told me he formed this theory the first time Willard cameo’d as Frank via video chat; in a subsequent in-person visit, Phil’s dad came alone. “When we were Skyping, he was yelling off to [his wife] in the bathroom – when there didn’t have to be any reference to her,” Burrell says. “So I thought, ‘Oh maybe this is one of those Maris things, where she’s supposed to show up and never does.” On the off-chance the ABC hitcom does one day cast Sarah Dunphy, hit comments with your casting ideas.

Screened & Heard | In between marathon screening sessions of fall pilots, I’ve found time to check out some returning summer series. The Closer‘s seventh (and final) season premiere (airing July 11) is extremely strong, featuring one of the TNT drama’s best cold openings ever, and one of its most compelling (and angry) confessions. Plus, as Corey Reynolds teased for TVLine, the very final scene comes out of nowhere and promises to shake things up for the show’s final run…. Here I am again, taunting those without DirecTV yet. I cued up the Damages Season 4 opener this week, and was immediately sucked back into Patty and Ellen’s world. While the “3 Months Later” scene that we’ll be cutting away to (and speculating about) now and again hasn’t yet grabbed a hold of me the way, say, a dead Tom Shays did, I can say that the supporting cast for the coming run is as good as always, led by John Goodman as the commanding CEO of a Blackwater-like military contractor. Oh, and if any of you ever had illusions about interviewing for the job of nanny to Patty’s granddaughter, I urge you: Think again.