V Star Recalls 'Tough Ride' to Cancellation, Weighs In on Possible Wrap-Up Movie

Seeing as none of the stars of ABC’s V had gone out and booked “second position” (aka back-up plan) pilot roles this spring, you can imagine that news of the show’s ultimate cancellation was quite a gut-punch.

“It was a tough ride,” Joel Gretsch, who played Father Jack, shared with TVLine at 2nd Annual SAG Foundation Golf Classic. “We were in the middle ground, and we didn’t know which way it was going to go. We were down to the wire, so we couldn’t really go on to something else.”

Costars Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin said as much in March interviews with TVLine, indicating that the prospects for the show looked good enough that no one was hot to hedge their bets with pilot bookings.

“It’s unfortunate [because] I think we still had some good stories to tell,” Gretsch says of V’s axing after two runs. “If we got another season, it would have been amazing. I saw [executive producer] Scott Rosenbaum a few weeks before we got canceled, and he told me they were pitching some great ideas to the network and the studio…. Pretty compelling stuff.”

All of which makes us wonder, as we do with the snuffing of most every short-lived sci-fi series (see The Event, Heroes): What’s the outlook for a TV-movie offering up some closure?

Gretsch is bearish. “I kind of doubt it, considering that a lot of the actors are moving on to new stuff,” he says, citing as one example Baccarin’s role on the new Showtime series Homeland. Likewise, Gretsch himself just scored a juicy guest-star gig on USA Network’s In Plain Sight, while Laura Vandervoort — who was poised to play dual roles in V‘s third season — is now lining up movies, starting with Seth MacFarlane’s Ted.

“The longer you wait, the chances of that happening aren’t very good,” Gretsch notes. “But it’s a great idea though, isn’t it?” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)