America's Got Talent: Pool-Playing Canine Rules Day 2 of Seattle Auditions

Day 2 of the America’s Got Talent Seattle auditions felt like it was the product of some NBC exec waking up with a Saturday-afternoon hangover, slapping herself on the forehead, and realizing: “Whoops! We need an hour of programming for that one-hour block before The Voice on Tuesday night!” The slapdash results weren’t completely without merit — pint-sized dance crew The Art of Teknique was awfully cute, and I suppose the Illumini Men’s Choir was entertaining — but at the end of the day, my favorite act was one that got “no to Vegas” votes from Sharon and Howie. (Only Piers was loopy enough to say “Yes!”) Call me crazy/infantile/tasteless, but I giggled heartily watching “Amadeus,” a 2-year-old Chihuahua mix (or I think he was a Chihuahua mix) “playing” “pool.”

Check the video of Amadeus here, then weigh in on Tuesday night’s AGT down in the comments. Who was your favorite? Did Amadeus get ripped off? Could Nick Cannon be any more irksome? All must be revealed, people!

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