Killer Killing Scoop: Could Mitch's Sister Be Involved In Rosie Larsen's Murder?

I have a killer theory: Somehow, someway The Killing‘s Aunt Terry (played by Jamie Anne Allman) is involved in the murder mystery surrounding her late niece Rosie Larsen.

I’ve been nursing this idea for a few weeks now, and while I won’t go so far as to say the supportive family member ended Rosie’s life herself, I definitely think she knows something — and that the something I speak of needs to come out soon.

Ever the sleuth, I ran my theory by Michelle Forbes (Mitch) , who inadvertently added fuel to my sisterly speculation. The Emmy-worthy actress also previewed what’s to come on The Killing‘s final two episodes — and what she thinks of the season-ending twist.

TVLINE | The Killing‘s first season is thisclose to coming to an end, and I’m no closer to solving this murder. I do have a theory about Terry’s involvement, though. Can you tease anything ahead for Mitch and her sister?
We do have a bit of a showdown in the downstairs office. It’s a sororitial relationship with those two, like most sisters have. It’s fraught with difficulties and confusion, and they challenge each other and fight, but underneath there’s an enormous amount of love. I quite enjoyed playing that because Jamie Anne Allman has become a very close friend of mine, and that onscreen bond was easy to come by. That said, we never really knew why she was just hanging around and being so helpful. You can understand it to a degree, because a tragedy has happened and family does rally around, but why was she so present? And so present on that level? That was something curious to me….

TVLINE | Interesting. Let’s talk a little more about Mitch’s journey in the next episodes. She seems to finally be finding her footing a bit.
Everything is falling apart and fracturing for Mitch. Her journey has been quite perplexing, stopping her in her tracks with this horrific event. What’s really frustrating for her is that she can’t get the closure that she needs because she keeps being betrayed by everyone around her. She’s been lied to by the cops, by her husband, by her sister, by Belko, and in the last little bit [of Season 1] she really starts to unravel. But what’s interesting is that she’s finally aware of how she’s unraveling. She’s been in such shock up until this very moment. I know it’s been months of watching this for the viewers, but it’s really only been like a week-and-a-half for Mitch. She’s finally realizing that she’s not OK, and she’ll have to make some big decisions about her life. She’s a desperate woman in so many ways.

TVLINE | We learned so much more about Mireille Enos’ Linden as a mother in last week’s episode. Might we see a less combative, more maternal chat occur between the detective and Mitch?
Unfortunately, no. It’s interesting that you bring up Mitch being combative with Linden, because I was never quite clear about that in the beginning. I never understood the reason for it, to be honest, especially when your child is in danger. But as time went on, there was a basis for it. She had been lied to by the cops and there was incompetency. [Bonding] was something I’d hoped for because they are both mothers, but it didn’t happen. It would have been great to have seen some sort of understanding and passion between them.

TVLINE | Is there any chance we’ll finally see some flashback footage of Rosie with her family by season’s end?
No, and the original [Danish] series didn’t have any flashbacks either. I guess the point has been to get to know this girl as the detectives would, without that extra added dramatic effect.

TVLINE | You’ve been vocal about staying in the dark when it came to The Killing‘s storylines, but what was your reaction upon receiving to the final scripts?
To be completely honest, I was so exhausted from carrying this grief, I was just glad it was coming to some sort of conclusion. [Laughs] I have had other arduous jobs where I’ve carried grief, but because of the nature of the timeline on The Killing, it was relentless. You couldn’t skip ahead with any healing; you are just in that raw, absolutely gutted grief. It gets painful after awhile. So, I was glad to get back to the living and the sunshine.

TVLINE | I can imagine! How do think viewers will react to the ending? Will the resolution please fans?
I’ll tell you this: I didn’t read the rest of the script. I just read what was happening for Mitch. Whether they’ll be pleased with what’s happening with her, I honestly can’t say. I can usually take the emotional temperature, but for some reason I can’t on this one. Honest to God, I don’t know what happens with anything else.

TVLINE | That is pretty incredible, given the mystery surrounding this series. Do you approach scripts in that manner on purpose?
I do, to a great degree — especially on this show. I’ll breeze through the script to make sure I’m not missing a piece of information that my character would need, but I really try to not read on. It’s actually a skill you acquire. At table reads I’d kind of make myself go a little blind, deaf, and dumb. Having been on so many of these mysterious shows, like 24 and True Blood, it’s best to just not know. Then if somebody asks me for a spoiler, I can be completely honest. [Laughs]

AMC’s The Killing airs Sundays at 10/9c. What’s your latest theory?