The Closer 'Gets Her Comeuppance'! Which Lost Alum Will Try to Save Her Bacon?

The seventh and final season of TNT’s The Closer will involve Brenda Leigh Johnson being called on the courtroom carpet about her super-shrewd methods for culling confessions and thus solving crimes. And it will be up to Lost alum Mark Pellegrino to keep the Deputy Chief’s reputation properly polished.

Kyra Sedgwick’s Case for Leaving The Closer: ‘I Want To Go Out While We’re On Top’

Series star Kyra Sedgwick told TVLine last month that the theme for the coming season — which will air in three batches and won’t finale until next summer — is “love and loss.”

Expounding on the potential for “loss,” she said, “Brenda really gets her comeuppance this year, because of the morally and legally ambiguous ways –- although she never actually broke the law –- in which she either took the law into her own hands or elicited confessions. That all comes back to haunt her.”

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on The Closer‘s Season 7 Premiere

Firing a first salvo in that direction is the mother of a slain gang member who blames Brenda for her son’s death. Cue Pellegrino as Gavin Baker, a defense attorney whom series boss James Duff describes to TV Guide Magazine as “formidable” and “ruthless in court.”

But does he have what it takes to winningly defend Brenda’s tactics? Or is this first lawsuit paving the way for The Closer‘s eventual segue into the spin-off Major Crimes?

TNT Officially Announces The Closer Spin-off

The Closer‘s seventh season kicks off July 11. Pellegrino, whose credits also include Supernatural and Syfy’s Being Human, begins his recurring run in mid-August.