Jon Cryer Opens Up About 'Great Friend' Charlie Sheen: 'We Want Nothing But the Best for Him'

As if there was any doubt, Jon Cryer is truly a standup guy.

During a visit to CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday, the remaining Two and a Half Men man took some time to discuss his erstwhile co-star, Charlie Sheen. And while jokes were made about the embattled actor’s current plight — mainly on Letterman’s end — Cryer took the high road when it came to Sheen, someone he still calls a “great friend.”

After spending the past six months riding out a public storm that included near-cancellation for CBS’ Men and Sheen’s public berating of his co-stars, Cryer surprised Late Show viewers with his unwavering support of the actor.

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“We want nothing but the best for him,” Cryer said. “I want him to get healthy, I want him to stay sober, I want him to be reunited with his family — that would be the best thing. I love him. He’s a great friend.”

Letterman was quick to point out that Sheen wasn’t as forthcoming with his compliments and well wishes, referencing the recent time he called Cryer a troll. “As friends do!” Cryer retorted with a laugh.

As for how everything ultimately went down with the Men shakeup, Cryer still seems to be in the dark.

“We didn’t see where [Sheen’s breakdown] was going. This has never happened before [on a TV show],” he explained. “It wasn’t like back in 1963 everyone remembers when Fred McMurray went bats–t and started talking about free mason ninjas and stuff. It was crazy! [Laughs.] And Vivian Vance started urinating on the set of Here’s Lucy. Nobody was prepared for this.”

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But unfortunately, Cryer added, “Nobody in show business can possibly get away with making fun of their boss. It just doesn’t happen.”

See what else Cryer had to say about Men, Sheen, and incoming replacement Ashton Kutcher in the video below: