Josh Duhamel Set for All My Children Encore - But How Will Leo Return?!

For those All My Children fans who believe Ryan Lavery is Greenlee Smythe‘s soulmate, I’ve got two(ish) words for you: Leo du Pres. And praise the ever-decreasing soap gods, because Josh Duhamel will reprise his Emmy-winning role on the soon-to-be-gone ABC sudser this summer.

The Las Vegas alum and Transformers franchise star is set to return to Pine Valley as the loveable con-man for an episode (or maybe two, says EW.com, who first reported the story) in August, before AMC‘s very final bow this September.

Duhamel was last seen in PV in November 2002 when Leo seemingly plunged to his death over a waterfall during an attempt to save his then-wife Greenlee (fan fave spitfire Rebecca Budig) from his crazed mom Vanessa (Marj Dusay). Of course, Leo’s body was never recovered, and in the land of soaps — and especially AMC, when bodies of water are involved — that means a miraculous revival is always just around the corner. (See Jesse Hubbard, Dixie Martin, Maria Santos, Tad Martin….)

Now that we can officially confirm Duhamel’s encore, the question that still looms is: How?! Unfortunately, a one- or two-episode arc doesn’t afford time to flesh out the who/what/where/when/how — even more so when AMC itself is on borrowed time — so Leo’s appearance must be simple and to the point. One likely scenario is that poor Greenlee is (once again) at death’s door, and her dearly departed true love (sorry, Ryan) shows up to usher her into the afterlife. That, though, would mean that AMC ends with the Fusion co-founder’s death, and I don’t like that one bit.

Another viable option would find that Ryan and Greenee’s already rocky (faux) marriage is kaput and Leo — alive and kickin’! — returns to whisk his “widow” away into the sunset. But that would mean that Greenlee would miss AMC‘s big finale, and we can’t have that, now can we?

Leo could return in a vision to help guide his devious older brother David to a scheme-free happy ending. But Greenlee is nowhere in sight in this option, and if Leo returns and doesn’t somehow interact with his lovely lady, I’m rioting.

And this one’s for you Ryan fans, just so he’s not left out in the cold with no love: Why doesn’t his soulmate Gillian (Esta TerBlanche) return to wrap up his storyline, as well?

Now it’s your turn to tell us how you think Leo should return to Pine Valley: