Days Shake-Up! John/Marlena In, Two Vets Out

Soap opera shockers, both sad and super (as in couple)!

Days of Our Lives fan favorite Louise Sorel has been let go from the NBC susder, as has Crystal Chappell (Carly). Sorel reveals that while her contract is up on September 13, “that doesn’t mean I’ll work until then”; Chappell’s pact, meanwhile, peters out in August.

Check out Sorel’s full TV Guide Magazine Q&A for sobering insight into today’s soaps biz, as well as to spy the following savory nugget….

In surveying the circumstances of her ouster, Sorel let slip that Drake “The Eyebrow” Hogestyn and Deidre Hall are set to reprise their iconic roles as John and Marlena this summer, if not beyond. “Maybe I’m a financial trading card so the show can afford them,” Sorel (kinda?) joked. “Although I’ve been making almost nothing.”

No further details on the MarJohn comeback have yet been made available.