Jane Lynch to Host Emmys: 5 Things We Want to See From Glee's Queen of Mean

Now that Jane Lynch has officially been named host(ess) of the Emmy Awards, we at TVLine thought it would be a good time to pitch the Glee icon some ideas — five, in fact — that could make the 2011 telecast the best ever.

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5 | 2010 host Jimmy Fallon returns to join Lynch in a sequel to last year’s ambitious opening number, “Born to Run.” Bonus points if Joel McHale, Nina Dobrev, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, and all those Glee kids take part again. Kate Gosselin can sit this one out.

4 | Lynch re-teams with frequent collaborator Christopher Guest (Best in Show, A Mighty Wind) to create a new character that could pop in and out throughout the telecast. Or perhaps she could reprise her For Your Consideration role as brain-dead entertainment show host Cindy and handicap the Emmy race — crystal ball and all.

3 | Since Charlie Sheen’s schedule is wide-open these days and Lynch portrayed his shrink for years on Two and a Half Men, why not pre-tape a little therapy session for the show? The two could chat about getting Emmy submissions in on time and how to deal with warlocks and whatnot. We’re willing to bet at least one half of that equation would jump at the opportunity.

2 | As much as we adore Glee and its resident baddie Sue Sylvester, it might be nice to see the ubiquitous track suit retired — if for just one night. One possible scenario: The Emmy host announces during her opening monologue that Sue detests awards shows and decided to partake in something a little less unpleasant, like swallowing a hand grenade or something.

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1 | You may or may not have heard this, but Steve Carell recently left his post on NBC’s The Office. Well, we think it would be pretty darn hilarious if the ceremony opened with a now-unemployed Carell approaching his 40-Year-Old Virgin co-star Lynch (reprising her role as electronics seductress Paula) in an attempt to reclaim his job at SmartTech.

What do you want to see from Lynch during her Emmys hosting gig? Are any of our suggestions striking a chord with you? Let us know in the comments!