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Parenthood Season 3 Preview: Kristina and Julia Deliver Major Baby Drama

When NBC’s Parenthood kicks off its third season this fall, the Bravermans will be juggling multiple baby-themed plots. 

When we last saw the fam, Adam and Kristina (played by Peter Krause and Monica Potter, respectively) were reeling from their pregnancy shocker, while Julia and Joel (Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger) circumvented their infertility troubles by deciding to adopt.

“The Kristina/Adam/Haddie/Max/baby arc is really interesting and will essentially last the whole season,” creator Jason Katims tells TVLine, adding that “the idea of Julia wanting to have a baby is something that can be gripping and emotional, so I want to play that out, as well.”

Katims also reveals that he “absolutely” plans to incorporate some maternal conflict between the sisters-in-law, given their contrasting baby plots. “It’s interesting to put those two together,” he says.

Considering that Parenthood just received its Season 3 order, cast members are still in the dark as to what lies ahead for their characters. However, Jaeger hopes Joel and Julia’s impending journey will delve into the complicated adoption process.

“There’s a lot of great storytelling in that subject alone,” he shares. “I don’t think it will be easy for them to adopt — it never is. Plus, I don’t know if it’s happened too often on TV where we’ve seen the struggle to adopt, but boy, it’s an endless cycle of meetings and paperwork.

“It will be an issue that adoption is out of Julia’s hands,” he continues. “She likes to be in control, and this is a situation where there are tens of thousands of families that want to adopt, too.”

Krause, meanwhile, says his alter ego faces his own set of challenges. “I’m sure Adam’s wondering who the father is,” he deadpans. All joking aside, Krause predicts the new arrival will add further strain to the household, if only because “Adam doesn’t have a job, and [he] has enough problems already with Haddie and Max.”

Might we offer a completely logical solution for all parties involved? Kristina and Adam give their baby-to-be to Julia and Joel. (Yes, we did pitch this ridiculous idea to Katims and the cast, and for the record, Jaeger was on board.)

“Right?! They have two of those damn kids, they don’t need a third,” he laughs. “That’s a great storyline. It’s too early to tell, but I’d say you’re on to something there.”