Cougar Town Season 3 Scoop: Baby Talk, Title Change (?), and Jules In a Wedding Dress (?!)

If you happen to follow Cougar Town executive producer Bill Lawrence on Twitter, you probably witnessed Friday morning’s lament on the woes of having given the show such a “crappy/lame/cheesy” title — his words, not mine. But what he neglected to add is that regardless of what the ABC sitcom goes by, it’s still one of the funniest shows around. And it sounds like it’s only going to stay that way with its slightly delayed third season.

Here’s what Lawrence has to say about C-Town‘s potential title change, the always hot-button twosome of Laurie/Travis, and — gasp! — “Courteney Cox in a wedding dress”?!

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TVLINE | Now that you’re back at work in the writers room, is there an overarching theme for Season 3?
We’re really concentrating on starting next year being actually about something — specifically something that compliments the fact that this show has nothing to do with an older woman out f—ing young guys. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Wait, it’s not? I’m kidding. Don’t people know that by now? Or is the show’s title still haunting you?
You have no idea how much it hurts me and [executive producer] Kevin [Biegel] to see that title on the screen knowing that we had something to do with it. [Laughs] It’s such a played-out joke and we just feel dumb in retrospect. This is the same as people saying “Keri Russell’s hair killed Felicity” — if this show goes away before it’s time, it was because we were dumb enough to name it Cougar Town. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

TVLINE | So, it’s safe to assume those Easter egg title cards are sticking around?
If Cougar Town stays the show’s title, we plan to mock it until the end of time because we hate it so much. It will ultimately be our Simpsons-like opening gag until, emotionally, it doesn’t hurt our souls so much. [Editor’s Note: Lawrence tweeted this morning, “Screw it. I’m changing [the title]…. Seriously, we just decided. Will use fans to help with new title.]

TVLINE | For those of us who watch and love the show, what’s in store next season? The finale lent itself to a couple of fun new story arcs.
I’m not a big fan of cliffhangers because I don’t think this show lends itself to one. Though, there are a couple balls still left in the air, like the Laurie/Travis thing and whether it will ever be appropriate for those two to be anything more than big sister/little brother. I also still like that Jules and Grayson are in a committed relationship, and that’s what we’ll follow at the beginning of next season.

TVLINE | Are you guys seriously considering knocking up Jules?
I don’t see a baby happening right away, because I personally believe in solidifying your relationship first. But because of what Jules and Grayson said to each other in the finale, I do see their relationship getting much more serious. Pop Courteney Cox in a wedding dress and see how many people watch! A little truth and jest. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Interesting. How about the Laurie/Travis situation? She seemed much more on board with dating Trav by the end of the finale.
If this show lasts five years, that will happen. Otherwise, until I can show Dan Byrd’s character as legally able to drink, there’s a high creepy factor. For whatever reason, there’s a big difference between 28 and 19, as opposed to 21 and 30.