The Latest Weeds Buzz: Martin Short! Aidan Quinn! Details on the Time Jump and Big Move!

Martin Short and Aidan Quinn are the latest additions to the seventh season of Showtime’s Weeds, which is now confirmed to pack the one-two punch of a time jump and a major change in location.

As the season picks up starting Monday, June 27, Nancy will have just completed a three-year stint in prison, after surrendering to the Feds for the murder of Pilar Zuazo. Nancy is now on probation, and in of all places, opportunity-rich New York City. There, she’ll live out of a strictly monitored halfway house while attempting to restart the “family business” from scratch — as Andy, Silas, Shane and Doug make tracks for Manhattan after laying low in Copenhagen.

Weeds Season 7 Spoiler Alert: Scoop on Nancy’s New Life Behind Bars

Short, hot off a stellar run on Damages, will guest-star an eccentric attorney in at least three episodes, while Quinn (a cast member of NBC’s upcoming Prime Suspect) will play a charismatic investment firm CEO in at least four episodes.

Also on board for Season 7: Jennifer Jason Leigh, reprising her role as Nancy’s estranged sister Jill (who has been watching Stevie while Nancy was in the clink); David Clennon (thirtysomething) as the husband of the artist being played by Lindsay Sloane; Pablo Schreiber (Lights Out) as an army supply sergeant/brother of Nancy’s former cellmate, who helps outfit her newest endeavor; and Gary Anthony Williams (The Boondocks) as Nancy’s halfway house counselor.