Fall TV Preview

2011 Fall TV Grid: Where'd Your Favorites Land?

Now that the major broadcast networks have unveiled their 2011-12 lineups, it’s time to step back and look at the entire chess board a.k.a. the fall schedule grid. 

As you can see, several of your tried-and-true faves have found new homes next season (CBS’ The Good Wife and The CW’s Nikita, to name just two), setting up some key timeslot showdowns. Other programs are — gasp! — missing completely (ABC’s Cougar Town, NBC’s 30 Rock, the final season of The CW’s One Tree Hill and Fox’s Alcatraz are are among the shows being benched until midseason).

Our advice? Study the following graph long and hard and then head to the comments with an answer to this question: What will you watch live, what will you DVR, and what will you skip all together?

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