Pretty Little Liars Exclusive: Meet Alison's Mom!

Prepare to be rocked, Rosewood.

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars has cast Less Than Perfect alumna Andrea Parker as dearly (?) departed Alison’s mother, who happens to be nothing like her scheming daughter — at first!

Parker makes her PLL debut in the sixth episode of the cable sudser’s second season (premiering Tuesday, June 14) as Jessica DiLaurentis, Ali’s seemingly sweet mom who returns to Rosewood to oversee a charity fashion show being held in her daughter’s honor. With all four Liars assisting with the festivities,  the MIA momma is initially overjoyed to reconnect with Ali’s longtime friends. (Obviously she hasn’t heard that they are now kinda sorta suspects in her murder.)

Of course, nothing — and no one — is as it seems in this treacherous little town, so expect Jessica’s motives to come into question very quickly.

No word yet on just how many episodes of PLL Parker will take part in, but she was cast as a recurring player, so look forward to seeing a healthy dose of the mystery matriarch this summer.