Grey's Anatomy Finale Recap: Casualties of An Emotional Shootout

[The following story contains spoilers from Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy season finale.]

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes told TVLine that this season’s finale would feature an emotional shootout” (versus last year’s literal kind), and sure enough, by the time the Shondaland logo came up, at least three relationships were left sprawled on the ground, critically wounded.

Derek and Meredith entered the hour on a high note, anticipating as they were the possibility of adoption. But thanks to the massive unlabeled spoiler a drunken Alex let slip last week, Mer’s contamination of the Alzheimer’s trial protocol came to light, putting her job very much on the line. That Richard came around to “appreciate” (and even take some responsibility for) Meredith’s actions was understandable. Derek, though, could not help but think of the millions of Alzheimer’s sufferers out there who might have benefited from a successful trial. It was then that he wondered aloud — though not in quite the exact and pointed words cobbled together in the promos — how he could raise a child with someone who doesn’t know right from wrong.

By episode’s end, Meredith was handed an armful of irony: baby girl Zola, for her and her husband to love and cherish. Mer was left to bring the wee one home to a wholly empty house. But she would not be alone for long…..

Cristina and Owen came into the finale cutely negotiating her viability as a chief resident candidate, with her withholding sex in the name of having her husband see her as an “organized and focused” doctor, and not his bed bunny. As it would turn out, motherhood-averse Cristina had already had sex one time too many, which she realized while schooling a woman on how to tell if your period is too late. Yes, Cristina had been crystal clear with her stance on having a baby, yet no one could be faulted for suspecting that, if push came to bun in the oven, she would have one of those convenient changes of heart and embrace the new life inside her.

But that is not Yang. Not long after delivering to Owen the news and reiterating her unease with her expectant status, Cristina revealed that she had made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy, prompting Owen to kick her out of the apartment — and back into Mer’s house of refuge.

Alex’s nascent romance with Lucy, meanwhile, was almost a victim of collateral damage in this “shootout.” Though his work with the African kids had all but sewn up his W in the race for chief resident, Alex’s outing of Mer’s unethical antic soured Owen’s opinion of him, since Karev did wrong by Seattle Grace’s most beloved doc. With Mer in the brig, Cristina reprimanded for her latest bit of rogue behavior, and Jackson having recused himself form consideration, April wound up claiming the lofty title — though the poor girl doesn’t seem quite ready for all that comes with it. Having lobbied so hard for the plum gig and lost, Alex was not in the right mindset at all to field Lucy’s invitation to ask her to stay, though just a few acts prior he glue-gunned his heart onto his sleeve. So once again, Alex implodes when on the cusp of good loving.

Elsewhere, Mark decided to “let Jackson have Lexie” (or weirdly paternal words to that effect) by removing himself as an obstacle to that relationship, while Teddy decided and affirmed that she was falling in love with her husband, Henry. There was also a rather and surprisingly sweet C-story involving the many ill-fated victims of a plane crash, and how one mother who lost a son rallied for the mother of the sole surviving “unaccompanied minor.” Nice work by a roomful of guest stars.

What did you think of the Grey’s finale? Is Meredith deserving of the dog house? What do you think was going on in Derek’s mind as the hour closed with him sleeping oustide in the dream house framing? And who here thinks Cristina will actually go through with an abortion? Hit the comments with those thoughts and any others.