The Good Wife Finale: Something Exceptional

[The following recap contains spoilers from Tuesday night’s Season 2 finale of The Good Wife.]

“We’ve always had bad timing, haven’t we?” The Good Wife‘s Will asked Alicia, after a bit of ribbing about his girlfriend Tammy.

“We have.”

“What if we were to suddenly have good timing, just for… an hour?” he proposed. “What would that look like?”

Said Alicia, after some thought: “I think… that would look like an exceptional moment.”

That exchange toward the end of The Good Wife‘s Season finale led to an awkward (yet nonetheless charming) check-in process at the sold-out hotel’s front desk. But Will and Alicia were determined to pursue that exceptional hour — and exceptional it had better be, there in the $7,800-a-night Presidential Suite!

Not that these two kids could wait to get to the room. And that began a just brilliant bit of directing and editing, as Will and Alicia — stymied by a lone working elevator that had been detoured by a brat’s pressing of multiple floor buttons — slowly, tentatively, and then aggressively moved toward each other with each ding. Sure, we got a taste for the encounter in the promos, but seeing it play out in real time, in all its stilted yet rhythmic (and lushly scored) glory, was something else, if not something… exceptional.

The sequence ended at the suite door, where Will almost let their assignation be further delayed by one of those pesky electronic key cards. But then, after a teasey moment where a lesser show might have had Alicia see it all as a “sign” and or get cold feet, she instead extracted the card from Will’s hand, used her own touch to successfully release the lock, and thus open the door for the long awaited new stage in their romance.

I’ll add to this recap come morning, sprinkling in details about the case, Kalinda’s interactions with Sophia and Cary, and the Eli twist that threatens to keep prospective gubernatorial candidate Peter in Alicia’s orbit one way or another. Plus, there was the “a-ha” moment (that I saw coming) where it was revealed that Peter was the white knight who saved Lockhart Gardner’s day by sneaking The Glove to his estranged wife.

But for now, please use this post to share your thoughts on the finale, the hook-up, and whether the time was right. Or, should Alicia have waited to truly be a free woman?

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