The Smallville Finale's Most Super Secrets Are Finally Revealed

“People are going to fall out of their chairs when they see what happens in the end.” That is how one Smallville cast member (Justin Hartley) previewed the series finale that aired on Friday night, and it turns out that Green Arrow was right on the mark. So, for those of you who have already watched the two-hour series ender, I wanted to reflect on some of the other teases that came our way in recent weeks and “decode” how they actually panned out.

Ratings: Smallville Series Finale Soars

“It will become really clear what role Jonathan plays and why he shows up the way he does in this episode.” – Smallville executive producer Kelly Souders
Indeed, the Smallville bosses had said that dearly departed Dad’s reappearance would mirror the purpose he served in the season premiere, to help Clark comes to terms with who he is and what he is destined to do — Jor-El be darned! Here in the finale, Jonathan prompted his son to have one last heart-to-heart with Ice Dad. And once he did, Pa Kent was standing there to gift him with something super.

“There’s a very good scene with a door that is probably one of everybody’s favorite scenes in the show.” – Smallville executive producer Brian Peterson
Yeah, we loved the door scene as well, as hiding bride Lois and groom Clark had the final conversation needed to allay her concerns about “being in the way” of a superhero. (Yes, he could see her through the door, but… be romantic, people!) Bonus points for Lois’ wedding vows being marked up with editor’s notes.

“There are a couple of [standout] moments in the church, particularly when Lois is about to walk down the aisle.” – Kelly Souders
At the very least she was referring to the moment when Lois, stalled at the foot of the funner, had any final jitters jettisoned by Clark taking her hand and leading her down the aisle. But we also liked how Clark beamed upon seeing his mother “accompanied by” his father there in the front pew.

“I did get a piece of [the Lex action], and it was awesome. It wasn’t stunt-heavy, but it is a beautiful scene.” – Cassidy Freeman (Tess)
I can’t say that this was how I saw Tess’ story ending — Lex fatally stabbing his sis, so that she would not be like him — but I suppose it’s fitting, since it does bring closure to a non-DC character. I didn’t quite grasp all the nerve toxin/amnesia juice stuff, but…. Bonus points for Lex becoming president in 2018!

“I’ve got two words for you: Surprise. Cameo.” – TVLine’s Ask Ausiello column, May 12
Sadly, the opening credits (phooey with those SAG stipulations!) revealed that Aaron Ashmore would be in the finale. Still, it was a terrific moment when, during the closing flash-forward, Lois told Olsen that his brother left big shoes to fill. Bonus points for the bowtie and messenger cap! Somewhere, Jack Larson was smiling.

“[The Oliver/Chloe story] is wrapped up really, really nicely – and it sort of sets [their romance] apart from what you’ve read in the comics…. It’s not something that contradicts all the mythology.” – Justin Hartley (Oliver/Green Arrow)
For starters, you had to love Chloe’s line at the beginning, while prepping the church, about there is no “supposed to do” for Chlollie, that their story hasn’t been written. A nice nod to how this romance was created for Smallville. And by not confirming that Chloe is in fact Oliver’s wife in the future (though that obviously is their rugrat and she is wed to someone), it leaves open the chance that Green Arrow wound up with Dinah/Black Canary.

“There’s a certain thing we gave [Chloe] that nobody else got.” – Brian Peterson
I can only assume he meant a child, in the flash-forwards…? Bonus points for O.J.’s Warrior Angel jammies! UPDATE: Superfan Maria suggests he was referring to Chloe getting to say the word “Superman.”

“There’s the question that everyone asks: Is Clark going to fly? Well, either he doesn’t… or he does. That question gets answered.” – Justin Hartley
Yes, it did. (What are fans going to tweet at me now?!)

“[Using the John Williams ‘Superman’ score] would certainly give me the chills.” – Kelly Souders
Though she wouldn’t confirm the iconic music’s usage at the time, it was pretty much a given. Still, wonderful to hear that heroic anthem.

“We work pretty closely with DC Comics, and everybody knew this [final arc] would be launching that concept of Superman…. So no, there was nothing we had to pull back on.” – Kelly Souders
This is what Souders told me when I asked if the new, Henry Cavill-fronted Superman film franchise now in production had stymied Smallville‘s series-ending plans at all, with regards to what they could and couldn’t show — namely the Superman outfit and flying. And sure enough, at the end of the two-hour ride, we saw Clark fly, and we saw him don the supersuit. My only quibble: We never really saw Tom Welling in full costume from head-to-toe or flying. Yes, we saw a teeny-tiny CGI’d Superman swat away Apokolips, and Clark did tear open his shirt at the very, very end to reveal the shield. But no full-on Welling-as-Superman, which I had to find just a little conspicuous.

“I really think people are really going to like what we did. I mean, when I think about it I get excited. The last image… for me, it gave me goosebumps.” – Tom Welling
Us, too, Tom. Us, too.

What are your thoughts on Smallville‘s finale? Was it sufficiently grand?

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