Gary Sinise Says CSI: NY Finale 'Puts Mac to the Test,' Weighs In on Show's Uncertain Future

This Friday at 9/8c, CSI: NY presents what might turn out to be its series finale. But Gary Sinise tells TVLine that long-time fans of the CBS procedural need not worry — if this is in fact the end.

“There are questions left open,” Sinise shares. “But it’s not a cliffhanger like we’ve had the past couple of seasons. This one stands on its own.”

The CSI: NY season-ender “puts Mac to the test,” Sinise previews, allowing the lead detective to tie up some loose ends after a lengthy career hunting down bad guys.

A near-death event “at the beginning of the episode makes Mac question a lot of things,” Sinise says. “He tries to revisit an old case to bring closure to something that’s been sitting open on his desk for nearly 10 years.”

Ironically, not knowing whether the series will return for an eighth season didn’t afford the fine folks who work on NY the same sense of closure.

“Wrapping Season 7 was different, if only because in previous years we’ve always felt fairly certain that we were coming back,” the actor explains. “You do want to know one way or another [if this is it], so you can have a sense of closure.”

“It has been a wonderful working atmosphere,” Sinise emphasizes. “We’ve done good work together, and people like working on this show — I do — and I’d like to come back.

“But if it’s over,” the actor continues, “I’m grateful for the seven years I had on the show, and I’ll be grateful that I was able to do it, because it’s been a really great run.”

Should this be the end for Mac Taylor & Co., you can always catch the immensely charitable star on the road with his philanthropic musical group, Lt. Dan Band — though, Sinise sincerely hopes that’s not the case. “We have a very loyal audience that’s watching CSI: NY around the world,” he notes. “I’d like to keep giving them good shows.”

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