Two and a Half Men Shocker: Hugh Grant to Replace Charlie Sheen?

It’s long been reported that Two and a Half Men was going after a big name to replace Charlie Sheen next season, and now, thanks to TVLine’s sister site, Deadline.com, we know who it is: Hugh Grant!

Well, make that “who it was.” According to Deadline’s Nikki Finke, the deal — which would’ve paid the former matinee idol a cool $1 million per episode — fell through yesterday over creative differences. Mind you, that doesn’t mean that negotiations are completely dead necessarily. But it doesn’t look good.

Would you have watched Men with Grant as its leading man? Got another actor in mind to fill Sheen’s shoes? Let rip below. If CBS execs want to announce its fired lead’s replacement at next week’s upfronts, they needs all the help it can get!