Exclusive TVLine Survey: How Are We Doin'?

Guess who turned four months old this week? That’s right –- TVLine.com. Time flies! And we didn’t even biologically interface with the First People’s doomsday device. As far as we know.

Anyway, some 1,500 posts and nearly 100,000 reader comments later, we thought it would be a good time to check in with you and see how things are going. So, in lieu of one of those “Take A Survey!” pop-up thingamajigs that eerily “float” around your screen, screaming to be swatted away, we’d prefer to personally invite you to click on one of the link belows and answer some questions about, you know, us.

Share how you discovered TVLine, what sort of content you savor most, and what we might do better. There’s no math involved, and unreliable sources tell us that one randomly selected respondent will be chosen to star alongside Jon Cryer in The New Two and a Half Men this fall. Imagine!

Yes, I Would Like To Take the TVLine ‘Super User’ Survey!

I Would Really, Really Like to take the TVLine ‘Super User’ Survey!

Once again, thank you for your participation. TVLine is a site by TV enthusiasts for TV enthusiasts. We’re not operating in a vacuum here, and would love to know what you think.

Michael Ausiello, Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Matt Webb Mitovich
, Editor-at-Large | Michael Slezak, Senior Editor
Megan Masters, West Coast Editor | Vlada Gelman, West Coast Reporter