CBS Tuesday In Review: Boom, Boom, Boom!

CBS’ three Tuesday dramas all came out swinging with their next-to-last episodes of the season, as NCIS served up (much) death, NCIS: LA teed up a mystery, and The Good Wife told her bestie how it’s now gonna be.

NCIS | EP Gary Glasberg promised TVLine readers that there would be “significant loss” as Season 8 winds down, and… um, yeah. Mike Franks (played by Muse Watson) decided to “tag along” as probie Gibbs guided him through the case of the week, a victim of the Port-to-Port Killer. Along the way, we got a visit from one-eyed Trent Kort, who shared some critical intel regarding P2P: His name is Jonas Cobb, and he’s a Navy Lieutenant (Dawson’s Creek‘s Kerr Smith) who had been trained as an assassin by the CIA, only to go rogue. Cobb pinched Kort’s eye to access NCIS HQ and “study” Gibbs, with whom he identified. Cobb later lurked outside Gibbs’ home only to get pulled into a fight with Franks. Gibbs’ mentor lost the grapple, and thus was confirmed to be the corpse from the rain-soaked opening scene. The hour closed with Barrett’s team getting ambushed by Cobb, who efficiently picked off both of E.J.’s partners before leaving us — and her — with a gun pressed against her noggin.

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NCIS: Los Angeles | Honestly, I barely remember the case of the week. (Was there one? The Fox bloodbath was getting underway, so I got a bit distracted.) I know it involved multiple guys who looked like Donal Logue, and Deeks charming a cute blonde while Kensi rolled her eyes. But the true meat of the matter involved Hetty, who throughout the hour — and after a tense phone call with Vance — subtly said “goodbye” to each of the team members, imparting bits of wisdom and, in the case of Kensi, a lethal-but-pretty gift. In the end, a prickly gal named Lauren Hunter (Claire Forlani) showed up to announce herself as the new ops manager, saying that Hetty had resigned. The hour ended with Hetty in Prague, deftly fending off would-be hoodlums. (Based on the previews, it appears she’s gone off the grid for an off-the-books assignment.)

The Good Wife | Crass comedienne Sarah Silverman served up a nice turn as the owner of a web site that hooks up cheating spouses. When a client wound up murdered, her illicit services landed in the crosshairs. Two red herrings later, the killer was revealed to be the “open marriage” hubby of Silverman’s character. But really, this episode was about Alicia letting Kalinda know that she knows, something which she did without ever speaking directly to the sordid facts. When Kalinda attempted to talk about it, Alicia stopped her right in her boot tracks, saying there will be no explanations, no defense, no context. If they must work together, so be it; if K can find a new gig, even better. Such an op surfaced quick enough, when Kalinda looked into joining a gal pal’s (Chase‘s Kelli Giddish) corporate snoop firm, but that went south in a jiffy when Kalinda’s first assignment was to work for Cary, and thus Peter! This was also the episode where Will learned, through Kalinda, that Alicia had separated from Peter, though he was quick to discount himself as an option. (The promos for next week, meanwhile… suggest he rethinks that stance.) Also: Alicia consulted with the firm’s divorce guy on how best to protect her interests, to which he urged her to stall until Peter’s on the clock as State’s Attorney. So Alicia settled for putting Jackie on alert: Try to poison my kids’ minds against me, and I will come down hard on you.

Which of the CBS dramas wowed you this Tuesday?

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