First Look: Meet the 'OMG!' ET of Falling Skies

When TNT launches its Steven Spielberg-produced alien invasion drama series, Falling Skies, on June 19, the desperate human survivors will face off —  more often than they would like, believe me — with at least two types of extreme extraterrestrials. And TVLine has secured a close-up look at what just may be the baddest of the bunch.

Falling Skies viewers will first meet the “regular” incarnation of the oppressive out-of-this-world species. Dubbed “skitters,” they basically look like a really angry praying mantis mated with a very spicy jumbo prawn — not pretty, superbly creepy, and near-indestructible.

But if you’re scouting out a possible food supply with scrappy survivor Noah Wyle, the alien invader you most want to avoid is called a “mech.” As you can surmise from our first-look photos, a mech — with its formidable armor, multiple laser sights and seemingly endless ammo supply — is not to be messed with. Check out this first pic, then read on for more.

ER alum Wyle fronts Falling Skies as Tom Mason, a history professor who is widowed during the initial alien invasion and now is committed to keeping his three sons alive — one of whom has been captured and “harnessed” (don’t ask) by Earth’s most unwelcome visitors. Mason answers to resistance leader Weaver (Armageddon‘s Will Patton), while working alongside Dr. Anne Glass (Terminator Salvation‘s Moon Bloodgood) and other civilians and soldiers.

Here, Tom’s oldest son, Hal (Secretariat‘s Drew Roy) and another scout, Karen (Veronica Mars‘ Jessy Schram), stumble upon their worst nightmare in broad daylight:

Do you plan to give TNT’s Falling Skies a look when it premieres June 19?