Bones Cast, Producers Talk About Sex, Death, Baby Drama and (Gulp) The End

A possible hookup. A death. A birth. The final two episodes of Bones this season are full of big moments. Series creator Hart Hanson, executive producer Stephen Nathan and cast members Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, T.J. Thyne and Michaela Conlin gathered at the Paley Center for Media on Monday to preview Thursday’s penultimate episode for a group of very lucky fans. They also dished to TVLine’s very own Michael Ausiello (the evening’s moderator) about saying goodbye to one of their own, the status of the Finder spinoff, the arrival of new squinterns, and the possibility of a (gulp) musical episode.

Death Is Coming |
As you’ve probably already heard, a member of the team will fall victim to sniper Broadsky in this week’s episode. We won’t reveal who finds themselves with a bullet in their chest, but suffice it to say it’s a fan favorite. “You don’t want to kill someone on the show and have the audience say, ‘Oh, thank God!’” said Nathan. Added Deschanel: “It’s sad to see both the actor and the character go.”

Will The Finder Find a Home? |
Amid reports that The Finder may fill some holes in Bones‘ schedule next season while Deschanel takes maternity leave, Hanson stressed that such an idea is just one of eight scenarios the producers are mulling. “If The Finder doesn’t get picked up to its own series, then it will go into the bin of ideas for what to do with Bones,” said Hanson. “I’d do just about anything to get The Finder picked up. It’d be fun. But they’re separate.” And if The Finder can’t help, there’s always Bones‘ “deep bench” of supporting talent to pick up the slack.  Hanson hinted at the addition of one or two new squinterns next season. (Dear Bones producers: Please bring back Tina Majorino’s as Booth’s FBI colleague.) Deschanel’s pregnancy has also had another unexpected effect: It has delayed the actress’ Bones directing debut, but Hanson reassured the audience that Emily will helm an episode when she’s good and ready.

Baby Makes Three | How did Conlin prepare for her character’s childbirth in the season finale? “I watched some clips on YouTube,” she replied. “I was very nervous about it.” Probably not as nervous as Hodgins though, who is “the perfect harried father,” said Nathan. Thyne had plenty of inspiration from his own family. “My mom was about to give birth and my dad left her,” he recalled. “He got in the car. I believe I was born in a hallway.”

From One Showrunner to Another | Dealing with a similar will they/won’t they dynamic on his own show, Castle creator Andrew Marlowe told TVLine last month that it’s time for Booth and Brennan to get together. “I do give [his comments] credence,” said Hanson. “He runs a real show. It’s a really good show. He knows what he’s doing, so I’d be crazy not to go, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ … He’s one of those voices you would listen to.” But Hanson made sure to point out that listening “doesn’t mean I act upon it.”

To Sing or Not to Sing? | Ever wish Bones would stage a musical episode? You’ll get a little taste of it in this week’s episode when the gang takes on Harry Nilsson’s “Coconut.” But don’t expect a full blown song-and-dance hour anytime soon. Hanson shook his head when the idea was brought up. Added Deschanel: “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Looking to the Future | There’s no end date in sight for Bones. “As long as people keep murdering people,” replied Hanson when asked how long the show can go on. “As long as these actors are producing what they produce.” Sounds like a far cry from Deschanel’s original prediction. “I thought three years, tops,” she said. “How much can they do with skeletons?!” Turns out a lot, especially when “there’s a lot of story between Booth and Brennan,” added Hanson. For his part, Boreanaz is up for playing the role “as long as its challenging and stuff is going on. I enjoy playing Agent Booth,” he said before jokingly adding, “The money’s gotta be f—ing right.”

Back to the Past | A storyline exploring Booth’s childhood became a causality of the writers strike, but the producers hope to revisit it next season. “We have to decide what [piece] of Booth’s past to bring out,” explained Hanson. “We have a couple choices – [his] mom or dad? Probably not both, but you never know.… I’d be really surprised if we didn’t do that next year.”